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How to Watch Every Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game Live Without Cable in 2022

Written by John O'Connor

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The NFL Playoffs are here. Watch Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Dallas Cowboys from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Here is how to watch the Wild Card action live without cable on ESPN.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers live stream

Can the NFL’s all-time great QB turn things around and go out on top? Bucs fans across Tampa will want to tune in to find out.

  • From Tampa and Florida markets. Watch the remainder of the Bucs 2022 season, including the playoffs, on fuboTV, YouTube TV, or Hulu + Live TV.
  • Out-of-market. Watch playoff games and nationally televised Bucs games, or add NFL Sunday Ticket.TV to an existing DIRECTV STREAM membership (eligibility rules apply)
  • Best Tampa sports option. DIRECTV STREAM is the best overall Tampa sports option. The service live streams important NFL channels and also offers an upgrade for Bally Sports Sun, the regional sports network that broadcasts in-market Lightning and Rays games.


Watch WTVT, FOX 13, CBS, NBC, and ESPN.

$74.99 / month

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Watch WTVT, FOX 13, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and upgrade for Bally Sports Sun.

$74.99 / month

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Table of Contents
  1. How to watch today’s Buccaneer’s game
  2. The most important channels for Bucs fans
  3. How to watch the Buccaneers from Florida
  4. If you don’t live near Tampa Bay
  5. Watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers FAQ
  6. Find Your NFL Team By Conference

How to watch today’s Buccaneer’s game

What channel is the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s game on today? We list the Buccaneer’s TV schedule, including preseason games, as well as the live TV streaming services that carry each game, in the easy to use table below.

The most important channels for Bucs fans

The most important channels for Bucs fans will be CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, and of all these, FOX, the channel with rights for most NFC games through 2033, will be the most important for watching the Bucs week in and week out.

NFL coverage for each channel:

  • CBS – In-market AFC games / some NFL Playoff games
  • FOX – In-market NFC Games / some NFL Playoff games / 2023 Super Bowl
  • ESPN – Monday Night Football / some NFL Playoff games
  • NBC – Sunday Night Football / some NFL playoff games

The table below documents the live TV streaming providers that carry the most important channels for watching the NFL.

Note: Sling TV carries FOX and NBC, but only in select markets.

FuboDIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceSling Orange & BlueParamount+Hulu + Live TVYouTube TV
NFL Network NFL Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone

How to watch the Buccaneers from Florida

Across much of the state of Florida, and when the Bucs are on national TV, or in a regional game with extensive geographic coverage, these streaming services will be great options for Bucs fans.

Watch the Buccaneers on fuboTV

fuboTV offers the channels you need to watch most major NFL action, including Buccaneers games on local FOX and CBS affiliates.

Unless the game is a nationally televised game, like Monday Night Football or a playoff game, you need to be in-market for the game in order to watch the Bucs on fuboTV.

Read our fuboTV review for sports fans.

Watch the Buccaneers on Sling TV

Yes, you can watch in-market Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s games on Sling TV. Although Sling Blue doesn’t offer all the channels you need to watch every Tampa Bay game, the affordability will be a decisive factor for some fans. You can get FOX 13 Tampa on Sling, but not NBC 8, WFLA.

By upgrading to Sling Orange & Blue, cord cutters can add ESPN.

Read our full Sling TV review.

Watch the Buccaneers on DIRECTV STREAM

DirecTV Stream covers your bases for streaming the Bucs, they have the channels you need, but that’s not the reason to sign up. If this were just about the NFL, fuboTV is a better and more cost effective choice.

However, some sports fans will want to pay a little extra for DirecTV Stream “Choice” because it is the only streaming service that carries Bally Sports Florida and Bally Sports Sun, the local regional sports networks (RSN) for Tampa. These two RSNs carry:

If you are a MLB or NHL fan, and want in-market action, it is hard to beat DirecTV Stream.

Read our DirecTV Stream review.

Watch the Buccaneers on NFL+

Local fans in Tampa can watch Buccaneers games on mobile and tablets with NFLPlus.

NFL Plus also features every nationally televised Bucs game, including playoff games. Read our NFL Plus review.

Watch the Buccaneers on Hulu + Live TV

Yes, Hulu + Live TV gets you the channels you need to watch the Bucs in-market, and when the team appears on national TV.

Read our Hulu + Live TV review.

Watch the Buccaneers on YouTube TV

Yes, YouTube TV is another great option for watching NFL games, including the Bucs. The addition of ESPN in 4K will be hard to pass on for many cord cutters, but be careful – a Google account is required to sign up, which is time consuming if you don’t have one already.

Read our YouTube TV review.

If you don’t live near Tampa Bay

For fans that live far away from Tampa Bay, but still want to watch the Bucs every week, you have two options.

  1. Wait for the Bucs to be on national TV, or hybrid regional games. We estimate these options would cover 6-7 games a year.
  2. Buy NFL Sunday Ticket to guarantee access to Bucs broadcasts every Sunday. For 2022, it is tough to qualify for NFL Sunday Ticket.TV. Fans have to demonstrate that they aren’t eligible for a satellite dish in order to stream out-of-market games.

We haven’t met, but I know you. You are a big NFL fan. You talk and text about upcoming games…

by John O’Connor

Watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers FAQ

What cities are in-market for Buccaneers games?

Bucs fans take note: even when you cut the cord and ditch cable, NFL TV coverage is still determined regionally for most regular season games. This means that only Tampa Bay, and some markets close by, will reliably get the Bucs game every week on their local FOX affiliate. In Tampa Bay, the local FOX affiliate is WTVT, FOX 13.
However, the fact that Tom Brady decided to come back for the 2022 season will increase the TV coverage area for Bucs fans significantly.
For example, in week 3 of the 2021 NFL season, when the Bucs played the Rams, the game was broadcast on FOX to most of the country in what I call a “hybrid national game.” Even when the Bucs aren’t featured in a national TV game, expect many of these hybrid national games for 2022.

How can I watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers games in New England?

Many NFL fans in New England miss Tom Brady and want to watch their team’s old QB with his new team the Buccaneers. If the Buccaneers play on a national TV game on either Monday, Sunday Night, Thursday Night, or in the playoffs, it’s easy to watch from New England on ESPN, NBC, Amazon, or FOX / CBS respectively. These games are broadcast nationwide regardless of region. Scroll back up this page to our “How to watch today’s Buccaneers game” to see the channel the Bucs are on today.

If you’re an out-of-market fan wanting to watch a regional Buccaneers game from New England, the best bet for 2022 is NFL Sunday Ticket, which you can live stream without a satellite dish if you live in a dorm, condo, or apartment. If you live in a house, you will have to buy a dish to watch Sunday Ticket in 2022, which we don’t recommend.

If you’re ok just watching Tom Brady scoring drives, try a platform, like fuboTV, that offers NFL Red Zone.

Last, some Buccaneer’s games in 2022 will air on the local New England FOX affiliate, so you still may have the chance to watch Tom a handful of times this season.

Find Your NFL Team By Conference

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