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Watch Baltimore Ravens Games Live Without Cable: The Ultimate Guide

Written by Derek Fleming

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Watch the Baltimore Ravens live without cable on the device of your choice, including Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and more.

How to watch the Ravens live online
Table of Contents
  1. The most important channels for watching Ravens football
  2. How to get full coverage of the Ravens 2023 season from Baltimore
  3. How to Watch the Baltimore Ravens Out-Of-Market
  4. More NFL Teams

As football nerds, the team here at Streaming Stadium loves to point out a “thing to watch” for every viewing guide we write.

We would watch the Ravens start QB Lamar Jackson no matter the terms of his contract, but now that the Ravens have made Mr. Jackson the NFL’s highest-paid player with his new contract, we will have extra eyes on the Ravens backfield.

Jackson’s contract is a 5-year deal for a whopping $260 million!

There are several options for watching Jackson, and Baltimore Ravens games live without cable.

YouTube TV, Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, and DIRECTV STREAM carry the channels you need to watch the Ravens in the Mid-Atlantic, as well as ESPN and NBC for nationally televised broadcasts.

However, for sports fans in Maryland who want to watch the Orioles, Wizards, and Capitols in addition to the Ravens, DIRECTV STREAM “Choice” is the best pick.

For the 2023 season, out-of-market Ravens fans can follow the team live online by adding NFL Sunday Ticket to their YouTube TV account.


ABC, FOX, ESPN, FS1, NBC, WJZ-TV CBS 13 Baltimore, MASN, and more.

$74.99 / month

Free 5 Day Trial


ABC, WJZ-TV CBS 13 Baltimore, NBC Sports Washington, and more.

$74.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial

YouTube TV

Watch CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, FS1, and upgrade for NFL Sunday Ticket.

$72.99 / month

14 Day Free Trial


Great budget pick for watching WJZ-TV CBS 13 Baltimore.

$5.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial

Note: Although the team will appear in national TV games, like Monday Night Football, most Ravens games in the regular season are broadcast regionally.

The most important channels for watching Ravens football

The most important channels for Ravens fans are CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC. In Baltimore, most Ravens regular season games will air on WJZ-TV CBS 13 Baltimore.

FuboHulu + Live TVParamount+Sling Orange & BlueYouTube TVDIRECTV STREAM
NFL Network NFL Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone

How to get full coverage of the Ravens 2023 season from Baltimore

The NFL has TV contracts in place that divide nationally televised games and “run of the mill” regular season games between a handful of major media companies. The important thing for Ravens fans to know is that CBS / Viacom still owns the AFC TV rights, but FOX, as the NFC TV platform, will broadcast some Ravens games when they play cross-over games with NFC teams. So, out of the gate, we want to highlight the live TV streaming services offering FOX and CBS in all major markets.

Let’s rundown the best options for local Ravens fans, including which providers offer a free trial.

Can I watch the Baltimore Ravens on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV is a good choice for Ravens fans, offering full local coverage from the Baltimore TV market. Here are the pros and cons of YouTube TV for Ravens fans.


  • Great for fantasy football nerds. We love YouTube TV as a sports platform. The service has been consistently innovative with new features and even allows fans to connect their NFL.com fantasy football team to the YouTube TV app for real-time scoring on game days (mobile feature only).
  • Full Ravens coverage in the Mid-Atlantic. Ravens fans will get the channels they need to stream the maximum number of preseason, regular season, and playoff games. YouTube TV carries CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC.
  • Watch the Ravens out-of-market. New for 2023, YouTube TV is the home of NFL Sunday Ticket for fans who want to watch the Ravens out of state.


  • Can’t watch the Orioles. However, Baltimore and DC sports fans take note – YouTube TV doesn’t carry MASN for watching the Orioles and Nationals in-market and doesn’t currently offer an upgrade to MLB.TV either.

Can I watch the Baltimore Ravens on Fubo?

Fubo TV is an app we have used extensively and is another excellent option for Ravens fans.


  • Easy setup + free trials. The service offers a fast and easy setup process, so if you’re in a rush to watch a game right before kickoff, Fubo will be a good choice.
  • Multiview available for Apple TV users. Although we like the Fubo Multiview feature best for college football, it is also a fun option for Apple TV users who want to watch multiple NFL games simultaneously. Unlike YouTube TV Multiview, Fubo Multiview allows for users to select the games they want to add to the Multiview bundle for a more customized experience.
  • Full Ravens coverage + 4K. Fubo carries the channels Ravens fans need: CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC, and has expanded its lineup of 4K sports programming in recent years for supported devices.
  • ACC football coverage. Although Fubo doesn’t carry MASN, the service does offer a large lineup of regional sports networks, including the channels ACC fans need to watch the elusive ACC on RSN games that always confuse fans up and down the eastern seaboard.
  • Watch Maryland football. Further, Fubo carries Big Ten Network in the base package, which is an important channel for tuning in to Maryland football games on Saturdays.
  • NBC Sports Washington. Fubo carries NBC Sports Washington for streaming Wizards and Capitals games in-market.


  • Lacks TNT and TBS
  • Lags behind competition with DVR storage
  • Lacks MASN

Can I watch the Baltimore Ravens on Hulu + live TV?

I am a current Hulu + Live TV subscriber and can vouch that the app offers full coverage for local Ravens fans.


  • ESPN+ included. NFL fans in the Mid-Atlantic can sign up for the Hulu + live TV and ESPN+ bundle for a powerful sports package. I use Hulu because of the ESPN+ bundle which allows me the ability to order UFC PPV direct from the app that also gives me full coverage of my favorite college football team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.
  • Full Ravens coverage + NCAA football. In addition to the channels Ravens fans need, CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC, ESPN+ offers a nice selection of NCAA sports, plus it’s the best game in town for out-of-market NHL action.
  • Unlimited DVR. In addition, Hulu + Live TV now features unlimited DVR and MMA fans can order UFC PPV direct from the app.
  • Family-friendly. I am currently subscribed to Hulu, and when I am not watching sports on the app, my daughter and I have been enjoying Peppa Pig, the popular British TV children’s show, on-demand. Disney+ also comes with a Hulu + Live TV subscription.
  • NBC Sports Washington. Hulu + Live TV carries NBC Sports Washington for streaming in-market Capitals ands Wizards games.


  • Lacks MASN
  • UFC PPV can be buggy to order direct from the Hulu app (I have had orders be “lost” and have been unable to watch some events).

Can I watch the Baltimore Ravens on Paramount+?



  • Gaps in Ravens coverage. However, the platform is missing key channels, so it is not a contender for full Ravens coverage. The price point is hard to beat, and fans who are ok with watching a lot of Ravens games, but not all, may find Paramount+ to be an excellent option.

Can I watch the Baltimore Ravens on Sling TV?


  • Very few in the Baltimore market
  • Carries some local channels in DC market


  • Lacks key channels. Because Sling TV doesn’t carry CBS at all, and only offers ABC, FOX, and NBC in select markets, it’s not a great option for watching the NFL in most places, especially in AFC markets like Baltimore.
  • Major channel gaps in Baltimore. In the Baltimore market, Sling TV users cannot access any local channels.

How to Watch the Baltimore Ravens Out-Of-Market

If you’re a huge Ravens fan, but don’t live in the Baltimore TV market, YouTube TV will be your best option for watching whole games during the regular season, but be prepared to shell out $349 for access to the entire season.

The good news for the 2023 season is that YouTube TV has removed the requirement added by DIRECTV that Sunday Ticket users had to demonstrate an inability to house a satellite dish before streaming Sunday Ticket. That rule is gone, and good riddance.

Now that YouTube TV has the rights, NFL Sunday Ticket is a streaming first product. However, the catch is the cost. Sunday Ticket costs $349 plus the cost of a YouTube TV subscription for the 2023 season.


  • Watch regular season 1pm and 4pm Ravens games out-of-market


  • Marquee national games blacked out (available on CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC)
  • Very pricey

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