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Super Bowl Channels Through 2033

Written by Madeline Lylo

Want to plan your Super Bowl viewing for the next decade? Let’s break down the media companies that have TV rights to air the Super Bowl through 2033.

Super Bowl LVIII will be played in Las Vegas on 2/11/24.
Table of Contents
  1. Super Bowl Channels Through 2033

In 2022, CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC agreed to a massive media rights deal to see each network air three Super Bowl games over the next 11 years. ABC will air two Super Bowl games in that period. The current media rights deal between the networks and the NFL extends through the 2033-34 season, but the NFL can renegotiate with the networks as soon as 2030.

Super Bowl Channels Through 2033

Each major network will rotate annually for the right to air the Super Bowl. The following networks will carry the Super Bowl over the lifetime of the agreement:

2022: FOX
2023: CBS
2024: FOX
2025: NBC
2026: ABC
2027: CBS
2028: FOX
2029: NBC
2030: ABC
2031: CBS
2032: FOX
2033: NBC

NFL fans should note that the year listed above is the year of the season, not the year of the Super Bowl. For example, this year’s Super Bowl LVIII will air on CBS, but the game will take place in February 2024. For next season, FOX has the rights to the 2025 Super Bowl, but the game is played in 2025, and so on.

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