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Because watching sports has never been more confusing, just ask our readers.

This is absolutely unbelievable. I have watched the first Michigan football game of the season for decades. How does this happen?? Money matters more than one of the most loyal fan bases in all of sports. How disappointing.


Tell Peacock to stick its feathers up its wazoo. As a lifelong UM fan, I am livid. That goes to you too, Jim. Go back to NFL.


I’m so grateful to know this info & have been super angry about not being able to pay to stream and watch the Giants. About time the NFL does something about it. Glad to know I’m not alone in the frustration too.


“I just changed my billing address to San Francisco because Direct TV will allow subscribers from either Philadelphia or SF to purchase Sunday Ticket as a stand alone service which you can stream on any screen with the Sunday Ticket app.


Now as a Connecticut viewer who has Prime Video and YES, I cannot even watch today, August 27th, 2023 on Amazon as they deem me out of market based on IP address. This is sure fire way to anger me so much that I don’t watch baseball any more. They can keep all their subscriptions. I am simply a fed up fan who is not a fan any longer.


Why am I paying Xfinity and paying for Amazon and why, why, why, am I also watching commercials when the games are on Amazon? Must I now pay for Apple or whatever other platform they decide to put the games on also. And who do I complain to that can at least give me the satisfaction that I’m being heard?


As a Yankee fan since the 50s, I share the outrage and frustration of everyone above.mI don’t mind Amazon and Apple wanting to show Yankee games, but there’s no reason those broadcasts have to be exclusive. It doesn’t really gain them much if anything and it deprives YES subscribers unfairly. EVERY Yankee game should be on YES no matter who else is showing it.


This will be the first UofM fb game I’ll miss in 17 years. I’m furious! I’ll be out of the country & unable to record. The ONLY reason I pay for cable is Michigan football & IndyCar. Now, both sports have been tainted by Peacock. I’m certainly not going to pay more to watch one game or one race.


My 78 year old father is a HUGE sports fan – but MLB is his number one favorite by far. He’s watched every Giants game – many live – and he has watched almost every MLB team game religiously for more than 40 years. He sat down tonight waiting for his game to begin…and called for me in a panic….upset and confused as to why the channel said “ERROR”….I began the usual (nearly weekly) Xfinity troubleshooting. As I explained it was a streaming game…my Dads face just became more upset and sad…and confused: “Does that mean I can’t watch it?” I felt like I was about to break his heart.”


I’m taking the advice of this blog’s loyal Yankees fans-I’m calling and writing my Congressman and Representative in CT


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