The channel lineup for Big Ten Athletics has undergone a channel change. Here is how to watch every Big Ten…

by Derek Fleming

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At Streaming Stadium, we understand that watching sports is just as much about community, family, and tradition as it is about entertainment. And yet, with the rise of streaming, “watching the game” is getting more complicated. Our editorial team is devoted to finding and reporting on the best streaming options for sporting events of all types. We create original, easy-to-use guides for watching NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Premier League, and NCAAF games based on extensive first-hand experience. We aim to make it easy and efficient for our readers to start streaming their favorite team in 15 minutes or less.

Our Process

Catalog the best streaming options for live sports

Try every device and service

Rank the best options

Write easy to follow streaming guides

Meet our founder

John O’Connor


John is a passionate sports fan, writer, and longtime tech entrepreneur. Growing up in Detroit, one of America’s best sports towns, much of John’s social life was centered around watching sports from a young age. Whether it was staying up late as a kid to watch the Bad Boys Pistons teams, rooting for the Lions on Thanksgiving day, or going to Ford Field with his Dad to watch the Michigan High School Football Playoffs, following local football, baseball, basketball, and hockey has always been a way of life in the O’Connor family.

John founded Streaming Stadium as a reliable resource for friends and family to find the best options for live streaming any major sporting event. The site has quickly grown into a resource used by thousands of people every month. Building Streaming Stadium is a personal passion project that allows John to marry his experience in tech with his lifelong love of sports.

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