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fuboTV Sports Review for 2023; Channel List, Plans, NFL, and More

Written by Derek Fleming

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Our top pick for live streaming the NFL and many college football leagues, fuboTV also carries an extensive library of regional sports networks in its base package. Read on to learn which fuboTV plan is right for you. New for 2023, fuboTV is adding Bally Sports RSNs.

fuboTV sports review, which sports can I watch
Table of Contents
  1. Fubo Pros
  2. Fubo Cons
  3. Our experience with Fubo
  4. Watching sports on Fubo
  5. Fubo regional sports networks
  6. Fubo streaming experience
  7. Fubo FAQs

new for 2023

  • Fubo has has announced the addition of Bally Sports RSNs. Starting this year, Fubo users will be charged a mandatory fee based on the number of RSNs available in their region. If one RSN is available, as is the case with the Detroit area, the additional RSN fee will be $10.99 per month. When two RSNs are available, as is the case with Denver, the extra fee will be $13.99 per month. So, bottom line, if you live in a region that is in-market for a regional sports network, you will subscribe to it automatically when you sign up for Fubo. Even with the bankruptcy of Diamond Sports Group, Fubo still plans on featuring the Bally Sports RSNs this MLB season.
  • Fubo has added MLB.TV to its channel lineup as an add-on for $24.99 per month.

fuboTV is a popular choice for live TV streaming, especially for sports fans, but also offers a library of on-demand titles as well. We signed up for a free 7 day trial to explore the pros and cons of fuboTV, and continue to use the app during football season.

Fubo Pros

  • Live streaming NFL games (our top pick)
  • Easy signup
  • College football (our top pick)
  • Big families
  • NBC Sports regional sports networks in Chicago, Philly, DC, Bay Area, and Boston
  • Customers who prioritize design and user experience
  • Generous DVR storage and 4K viewing options
  • Stream content on 10 devices

Fubo Cons

  • Missing TBS and TNT hurts sports coverage for several leagues, and some of the biggest games
  • Holes in NCAA Tournament, NHL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, and MLB Playoffs coverage
  • Price increases in 2023 for the addition of Bally Sports RSNs
  • No parental controls

Our experience with Fubo

In Spring 2022, fuboTV did away with its Starter Plan. The Pro Plan is now the base plan, and comes out of the gate with 1,000 hours of DVR storage.

With the Pro Plan fuboTV subscribers can stream 10 concurrent devices, whereas the old Starter Plan only offered 3 devices.

Signing up for a 7 day free trial with Fubo

At Streaming Stadium, we see a rush of traffic to our team pages right as games are starting. As such, we prioritize streaming services with easy setup processes, especially for older sports fans who may not be quite as tech savvy.

The fuboTV sign up process is the most intuitive we have seen among live TV streaming services. Rather than dropping new users off in the middle of a vast content library with little guidance, as some streaming services do, fuboTV has clearly put a lot of thought into the sign up process.

fuboTV makes streaming easy

Older sports fans are being left behind with the proliferation of streaming exclusive games. fuboTV’s beautiful interface and easy to setup preferences are ideal for anyone who struggles with new technologies.

Upon signing up for the 7 day free trial, subscribers are guided through a series of Welcome screens that clearly lay out the different packages fuboTV offers, as well as a transparent list of à la carte channel upgrades, with clear pricing for the addition of each channel.

Even the signup screen offers transparent guidance, setting user expectations by letting users know “your location determines what plans and channels are available to you.” We really enjoyed using and reviewing this platform.

As part of the setup process, fuboTV also lays out all the available options and key features of each plan.

Particularly impressive is fuboTV’s “Find channels faster” setup feature, which allows users to select from a menu of channels the first time they log into the app.

This takes a lot of the guesswork out of navigating a large library of content and also allows for each user to immediately start creating a curated experience. We were very impressed with fuboTV’s sign up process, as well as the multiple tools it has created to make it easier, and more efficient, to use the app. The thought fuboTV put into this process shows respect for the money its users pay to subscribe. Yes, you are shelling out $69.99 monthly, which is a lot of money, but in exchange you get a first class user experience that is fun and intuitive to use.

The setup process is also ideal for older family members who may struggle to use other platforms.

Watching sports on Fubo

Planning this weekend’s NFL and NCAAF viewing on fuboTV.

fuboTV’s extensive sports options are intuitively organized by sport, or channel, whichever the user prefers. For the bulk of my initial testing, I used fuboTV to watch college football on a Saturday afternoon. I watched the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game, the Michigan vs. Maryland game, and some of the Oregon vs. Utah game.

The picture quality and overall experience were excellent. As a test for the app, I used Apple Airplay to stream the Ohio State game to my TV in our living room. My favorite sports channels while using fuboTV were:

Fubo sports add-on channels list

Fubo Sports Plus with NFL RedZoneFuboTV Sports LitefuboTV Extra
ACC Network ACC Network
Fight Network Fight Network
MLB Network MLB Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone
NHL Network NHL Network
Pac-12 Network Pac-12 Network
SEC Network SEC Network
Stadium Stadium
Tennis Channel Tennis Channel

In addition, although they do require an upgrade of $7.99 per month, fuboTV boasts a number of sports channels that are hard to find anywhere else. For example, for that next tier of subscription, sports fans can access channels like:

  • ACCN
  • NBA TV
  • NHL Network
  • MLB Network
  • SEC ESNP Network
  • Pac 12 Network
  • Pac 12 Los Angeles
  • ESPN News

NBA League Pass is a $28.99 upgrade for out of market NBA games.

There is also a Sports Plus with NFL Red Zone for $10.99 per month extra.

For fans of international sports, fuboTV also offers a soccer centric International sports plus plan for $6.99 per month making fuboTV one of the best options for sports fans of all stripes.

Fubo regional sports networks

So what regional sports networks does fuboTV carry? We maintain a comprehensive list of fuboTV’s RSN lineup in the easy to use table below. One of the things we like best about fuboTV is the inclusion of RSNs in the base package.

FuboFuboTV Sports LitefuboTV Premier
AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh
AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain
AT&T SportsNet Southwest AT&T SportsNet Southwest
Bally Sports Arizona Bally Sports Arizona
Bally Sports Carolinas Bally Sports Carolinas
Bally Sports Detroit Bally Sports Detroit
Bally Sports Florida Bally Sports Florida
Bally Sports Great Lakes Bally Sports Great Lakes
Bally Sports Indiana Bally Sports Indiana
Bally Sports Kansas City Bally Sports Kansas City
Bally Sports Midwest Bally Sports Midwest
Bally Sports New Orleans Bally Sports New Orleans
Bally Sports North Bally Sports North
Bally Sports Ohio Bally Sports Ohio
Bally Sports Oklahoma Bally Sports Oklahoma
Bally Sports San Diego Bally Sports San Diego
Bally Sports SoCal Bally Sports SoCal
Bally Sports South Bally Sports South
Bally Sports Southeast Bally Sports Southeast
Bally Sports Southwest Bally Sports Southwest
Bally Sports Sun Bally Sports Sun
Bally Sports Tennessee Bally Sports Tennessee
Bally Sports West Bally Sports West
Bally Sports Wisconsin Bally Sports Wisconsin
Marquee Sports Network Marquee Sports Network
NBC Sports Bay Area NBC Sports Bay Area
NBC Sports Boston NBC Sports Boston
NBC Sports California NBC Sports California
NBC Sports Chicago NBC Sports Chicago
NBC Sports Northwest NBC Sports Northwest
NBC Sports Philadelphia NBC Sports Philadelphia
NBC Sports Philadelphia+ NBC Sports Philadelphia+
NBC Sports Washington NBC Sports Washington
NBC Sports Washington+ NBC Sports Washington+
Next Level Sports Next Level Sports
Root Sports Northwest Root Sports Northwest
Spectrum SportsNet Spectrum SportsNet
Spectrum SportsNet LA Spectrum SportsNet LA
SportsNet NY SportsNet NY
SportsTime Ohio SportsTime Ohio
YES Network YES Network

Fubo streaming experience

Fubo TV interface streaming from iOS.

Most of fuboTV’s content can be streamed with 720p picture quality, which may seem underwhelming to some, but we found the picture quality to be stable and consistent. fuboTV also offers some content in 4K, and seems to be making it a priority to add more 4K options with time.

Unfortunately, fuboTV does not offer Turner Media channels such as CNN, TNT and TBS. A&E, History Channel, and Lifetime.

Nevertheless, the platform still offers an excellent selection of live TV channels to choose from including some of our favorites:

  • AMC
  • Animal Planet
  • BBC America
  • BEIN Sports
  • BET
  • Bravo
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Cheddar News
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • Comedy Central
  • Disney Channel
  • Food Network
  • Fox News
  • FOX
  • Fox Sports
  • Free Form
  • FX
  • NBC Golf
  • Hallmark
  • HGTV
  • IFC
  • NBC
  • NBC Sports
  • TLC
  • Telemundo
  • USA
  • WE

Using the Fubo mobile app

The Fubo TV app is available on both Android and iOS. As I mentioned earlier in the review, the app is very well done. The user interface is beautiful and they have made it incredibly intuitive to access their library of content from mobile. Despite the decision to drop some popular channels, many people will enjoy subscribing to fuboTV just because of the features they’ve built.

The same intuitive setup process users get when they first sign up for a fuboTV account carries over when the app is opened for the first time. By using a two tiered navigation, with some options at the top of the screen, and some universal navigation items, like the very useful Guide feature, at the bottom, it’s easy to get deep into the content you want to see.

Using DVR on mobile is a breeze, and recording an entire game won’t come close to putting a dent in the impressive 1,000 hours of DVR storage that comes with the base plan.

fuboTV is placing big bets that a beautiful interface and rich feature set will carry the day and help the company beat the competition. They could be right. Here are some of the platform’s best features.

Keep up with your favorite teams feature

For example, the “Keep up with your favorite teams” feature, which appears on sign up, will send notifications to a user’s phone reminding them of upcoming games they are interested in watching. I know there are a lot of diehard fans out there who scoff at the thought of needing a reminder when their favorite team plays, but this tool is useful for following competing teams, entire leagues, or for sports journalists. It’s a thoughtful touch designed for sports fans that I loved.

DVR recording, storage, scheduling, and sorting

The interface excellence fuboTV prides itself on carries over to its DVR recording feature, which not only allows users to save 1,000 hours of content to the cloud with the base package, Fubo automatically sorts recorded content by topic, which feels very clean and efficient. When I log into my DVR dashboard, my movies, TV shows, and sports libraries are all separated in a fashion I think even Marie Kondo would be proud of. Subscribers can also schedule recordings for one-off shows, or setup the automatic recording of their favorite teams every time they play.

Unlimited screens

A nice feature for big families, the fuboTV unlimited screens feature allows for subscribers to connect as many as 10 devices on their home network.

fuboTV lacks parental controls

I was surprised that fuboTV hasn’t yet built in parental controls.

Fubo FAQs

After using fuboTV for many months now, we answer some of the most common questions about this streaming platform.

Does fuboTV offer 4K streaming?

Yes, Fubo does offer an increasing number of shows and on-demand content in 4K. They maintain a full list of the shows that are available in 4K, here. In order to stream sports in 4K on fuboTV, an upgrade to the Elite package is required.

Does fuboTV offer a free trial?

Yes, fuboTV offers a 7 day free trial.

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