Streaming Sports is all we do

At Streaming Stadium, we understand that watching sports is just as much about community, family, and tradition as it is about entertainment. And yet, with the rise of streaming, “watching the game” is getting more complicated. Our editorial team is devoted to finding and reporting on the best streaming options for sporting events of all types. We create original, easy-to-use guides for watching NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Premier League, and NCAAF games based on extensive first-hand experience. We aim to make it easy and efficient for our readers to start streaming their favorite team in 15 minutes or less.

Our Process

Catalog the best streaming options for live sports

Try every device and service

Rank the best options

Write easy to follow streaming guides

Streaming Stadium is a website devoted to helping sports fans watch their favorite teams live without cable.

Streaming Stadium was designed to help sports fans begin streaming any event in 15 minutes or less. The sole focus of this website is to offer sports fans the best, most cost effective, and fastest options for streaming the sporting event of their choice.

We painstakingly catalogue television contracts, team schedules, and channel options into a database of the best sports streaming options for every team and market. Using this in-house repository of data, we write streaming guides that give sports fans every available live stream option.

We do only one thing at Streaming Stadium, streaming sports, and we do it better than any other site on the internet.

Our Promise

Accurate, reliable, sports streaming options for any lifestyle, situation, or location. We are sports fans ourselves, and understand how important it is to be able to watch the Big Game.

We promise to always feature accurate streaming options for watching your team, no matter where you are.

Editorial Guidelines & Reader Trust

Our in-house editorial staff is committed to maintaining the integrity, and accuracy, of every page on this site. This site is written by actual sports fans who watch all of the games we write about.


Our editors and writers are experts in how to stream sports, from a data, legal, and personal perspective.

Sourcing and Citations

The Streaming Stadium team subscribes to all the live TV streaming services we cover to ensure that we write reviews based on extensive first-hand experience, and that we are the first to know when anything changes on any of the major platforms.

Fact Checking

Our site is under constant review by our Editorial team to make sure that the sports streaming information we publish is accurate and up-to-date.

Our Commitment to Transparency

At Streaming Stadium, we value transparency. Our readers will always know who wrote the content that appears on our site through bylines, biographies, and links to relevant social media profiles. Our site is monetized through affiliate partnerships and display ad revenue. Although no one loves ads, our site chooses to monetize with display advertising to ensure our affiliate relationships do not impact on the recommendations we make to our readers. For example, our editorial team regularly recommends YouTube TV despite the service’s lack of an affiliate program.

When writing viewing guides, we value three factors the most in making our recommendations:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: Can the streaming service offer a comprehensive solution for this fan such that additional apps won’t be needed?
  2. Ease of setup: Fans often come to our site right before a Big Game looking for the fastest way to start watching their team. Excellent setup flow is a priority for us in making recommendations so that our readers can get started streaming their team from any device with ease.
  3. Other relevant teams: Can a streaming service serve the needs of this fan beyond this team? For example, a sports fan looking to watch the Chicago Bears on Monday Night football has several options, but the choices narrow when factoring in streaming services that offer ESPN, NBC Sports Chicago, and the Marquee Sports Network. We assume sports fans want to watch more than just one team in a major market.


Our content is regularly updated for accuracy. Updated articles are published with the date of the last update so readers know they are getting the latest information about the best ways to watch the games they are interested in. Many readers come to our site looking for information about free trials. We keep an updated list of each live TV streaming service offering a free trial or discount to new subscribers.

Our News Section

The News section of the Streaming Stadium website is devoted to covering the latest developments in the world of streaming sports. As a general rule, we add two types of stories to the News section:

  1. How to stream upcoming big games
  2. Announcements that are relevant to cord cutting sports fans

Diversity & Inclusion

Streaming Stadium is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.