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How to Watch the Minnesota Vikings Live Without Cable in 2022

Written by John O'Connor

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The NFL Playoffs are here. Watch Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings take on the New York Giants from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Here is how to watch the Wild Card action live without cable on FOX.

Watch the Vikings game today in a free trial
Minnesota Vikings viewing guide 2022-23.

Even when it comes to streaming, most NFL regular season broadcasts are regional. For local fans in Minneapolis, Vikings games will be carried on FOX 9 Minneapolis – St. Paul as well as local CBS and FOX affiliates for surrounding markets in the upper midwest.

While several live TV streaming services carry FOX 9 Minneapolis, our top pick, DIRECTV STREAM, is the only platform that carries the channels you need to watch the Vikings, plus Bally Sports North, which broadcasts Timberwolves, Wild, and Twins games in-market.


FOX 9 Minneapolis, ABC, CBS, ESPN, FS1, and the option to upgrade for Bally Sports North and Big Ten Network.

$74.99 / month

Free 5 Day Trial

Sling Blue

Watch the Vikings on FOX 9 Minneapolis only.

$35 / month

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Table of Contents
  1. How to watch today’s Vikings game
  2. The most important channels for Vikings fans
  3. How to watch the Vikings from Minneapolis
  4. When the Vikings are on national TV
  5. How to watch the Vikings out-of-market
  6. Watching the Vikings FAQ
  7. Find Your NFL Team By Conference

How to watch today’s Vikings game

What channel are the Vikings on today? We list the 2022 Vikings TV schedule, as well as the live TV streaming services that carry each game, in the easy to use table below.

The most important channels for Vikings fans

The most important channels for Vikings fans will be CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, and of all these, FOX, the channel with rights for most NFC games through 2033, will be the most important for watching the Vikings.

NFL coverage for each channel:

  • CBS – In-market AFC games / some NFL Playoff games
  • FOX – In-market NFC Games / some NFL Playoff games / 2023 Super Bowl
  • ESPN – Monday Night Football / some NFL Playoff games
  • NBC – Sunday Night Football / some NFL playoff games

The table below documents the live TV streaming providers that carry the most important channels for watching the NFL.

Note: Sling TV carries FOX and NBC, but only in select markets. Sling does not carry NBC in Minneapolis, but they do carry FOX 9.

FuboDIRECTV STREAMSling BlueHulu + Live TVYouTube TVParamount+
NFL Network NFL Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone

How to watch the Vikings from Minneapolis

The Vikings, unlike the Packers and Cowboys, are a regional team. Although they do appear on large regional and national broadcasts, most Vikings regular season games air only in Minneapolis. The live TV streaming services below will all carry Vikings games that air on CBS, FOX, and NBC for local fans.

In the Minneapolis area, you can watch the entirety of the remaining games on the Viking’s schedule with any of these apps. We list the pros and cons of each, below.

Watch the Vikings on fuboTV

If you live in-market in Minneapolis or the upper midwest, fuboTV has all the channels you need to watch the Vikings live online, including FOX 9.

One of the features we like most is the easy ability to pause a fuboTV subscription in the off-season and pick it back up again when the NFL is back in action. Features like this are a money saver at a time when streaming is becoming unaffordable for many families.

Read our Fubo TV sports review.

Watch the Vikings on Sling TV

You can watch the Vikings games that air on FOX with Sling, including playoff games, if you live in-market.

Sling TV Blue will not get you access to ESPN, so Monday Night Football is out, but in Minneapolis / St. Paul, fans get the local FOX affiliate with a Sling TV Blue membership. CBS can be added with a special air antenna.

Even though Sling Blue doesn’t offer total NFL coverage, we recommend it here because, with the cost of streaming services rising, some fans will want a budget option.

Read our Sling TV review.

Watch the Vikings on DIRECTV STREAM

Yes, you can watch the Vikings on DIRECTV STREAM in-market. DirecTV Stream carries the channels you need to watch the Vikings, but as an added bonus, it is the only live TV streaming service that offers Bally Sports North, the local regional sports network for Minnesota sports fans.

Bally Sports North carries a good selection of pro and college teams, including:

Read our DirecTV Stream review.

Watch the Vikings on NFL Plus

Although the platform is currently limited to tablet and mobile viewing, you can watch local Vikings games, as well as national and playoff games on NFL Plus.

NFL Plus is the most cost effective way to watch the remainder of the Vikings season.

Watch the Vikings on Hulu

Yes, you can watch the Vikings on Hulu if you live in Minneapolis or a surrounding region, or if the Vikings appear in a national game.

Hulu + Live TV offers an interesting package for sports fans in general, and for Vikings fans, all the channels you need for week to week NFL action. Through its ESPN+ bundle, Hulu is the best option for out-of-market NHL action, and MMA fans will love ESPN+’s exclusive coverage of the UFC.

You can watch ESPN+ sporting events live from the Hulu interface without having to login to a separate app. It is also possible to order UFC PPV directly from Hulu.

Read our full Hulu + Live TV sports review.

Watch the Vikings on YouTube TV

Yes, you can watch the Vikings live without cable on YouTube TV.

With its Stats View and Key Plays features, YouTube TV is the most innovative streaming platform for watching sports, including the NFL.

When the Vikings are on national TV

In addition to the regionally broadcast regular season games, the Vikings will appear in marquee NFL matchups that air, or stream, nationally.

  • Monday Night Football – ABC and ESPN
  • Thursday Night Football – Amazon Prime and local affiliates in Minneapolis / St. Paul
  • Sunday Night Football – NBC
  • NFL playoffs – CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC

All of the top picks I list above will also carry the Viking’s national games, as well as in-market regular season games.

How to watch the Vikings out-of-market

For out-of-market Vikings fans, the best bet to get all the Minnesota action is DirecTV Stream + NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Sunday Ticket allows NFL fans to tune into any game, regardless of region.

We haven’t met, but I know you. You are a big NFL fan. You talk and text about upcoming games…

by John O’Connor

Watching the Vikings FAQ

What radio station carries the Vikings?

In the Twin Cities, you can tune in to the Vikings radio broadcast on KFAN 100.3. For a complete list of stations in the Vikings radio network, click here.

Do the Vikings play indoors?

The Vikings are owned by billionaire real estate investor Zygmunt “Zygi” Wilf and the team plays at U.S. Bank Stadium, a fully enclosed stadium designed to protect Vikings games from the frigid Minnesota weather.

How can I watch the Vikings playoff games?

Unlike the regular season, NFL playoff games are broadcast nationally. You can watch the entire Vikings playoff run with fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, or NFL Plus.

Find Your NFL Team By Conference

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