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How to Watch Today's Arizona Cardinals Game Live

Written by Derek Fleming

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Watch the Arizona Cardinals live without cable on the device of your choice, including Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and more.

Watch the AZ Cardinals game today
Arizona Cardinals 2023 viewing guide.
Table of Contents
  1. Arizona Cardinals Player to Watch in 2023 – Paris Johnson, Jr.
  2. What channel is the Arizona Cardinals game on today?
  3. The best options for local Cardinals fans
  4. How to watch the Cardinals out-of-market
  5. Watching the Cardinals FAQ
  6. Find Your NFL Team By Conference

YouTube TV, Sling TV Blue, Hulu, fuboTV, and DIRECTV STREAM all live-stream KSAZ-TV FOX 10 Phoenix for watching regional Cardinals games in Arizona. Our top pick for streaming the Cardinals in 2023, Fubo, carries CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, which gives complete Cardinals coverage locally, plus PAC-12 Network for watching Arizona and Arizona State football.

FuboTV Sports Lite

Full Cardinals coverage for local fans from the preseason to the playoffs, plus the ability to watch PAC-12 Network.

$84.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial


Watch KSAZ-TV FOX 10 Phoenix, CBS, ESPN, NBC, and upgrade to Bally Sports Arizona.

$74.99 / month

Free 5 Day Trial

YouTube TV

Watch the Arizona Cardinals both in-market and out-of-market with NFL Sunday Ticket ($349 up-charge).

$72.99 / month

14 Day Free Trial

Sling Blue

Watch the Cardinals on KSAZ-TV FOX 10 Phoenix in-market.

$35 / month

Explore offers

Arizona Cardinals Player to Watch in 2023 – Paris Johnson, Jr.

Our player to watch for Arizona this season is the team’s first round draft pick, OT, Paris Johnson, Jr.

As a huge Ohio State football fan, I followed Paris Johnson Jr.’s career starting at left tackle for the Buckeyes, and watched every game he played in over the last 3 seasons, including his dominant performance last season against Georgia in the Peach Bowl. Since I live in Wyoming, I will get some regional Cardinals games this season, and I can’t wait to watch Paris as a starter on the Cardinals offensive line.

What channel is the Arizona Cardinals game on today?

The most important channels for Arizona Cardinals fans will be CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, and of all these, FOX, the channel with rights for most NFC games through 2033, will be the most important for watching the Cardinals week in and week out. In Phoenix, where the Cardinals are based, the local FOX affiliate is KSAZ-TV, FOX 10.

NFL coverage for each channel:

  • CBS – In-market AFC games / some NFL Playoff games
  • FOX – In-market NFC Games / some NFL Playoff games
  • ESPN – Monday Night Football / some NFL Playoff games
  • NBC – Sunday Night Football / some NFL playoff games

The table below documents the live TV streaming providers that carry the most important channels for watching the NFL.

FuboDIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceHulu + Live TVParamount+Sling BlueYouTube TV
NFL Network NFL Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone

Note: Sling TV carries FOX and NBC, but only in select markets.

The best options for local Cardinals fans

Although the services listed below will feature some out-of-market Cardinals games each season, they will offer the most reliable coverage for fans who live closer to Arizona. Each of these services will carry KSAZ-TV, FOX 10 in Phoenix, plus the other channels NFL fans need to watch games.

Fubo – best choice for Cardinals, Suns, Coyotes, Arizona college teams

Fubo carries CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC, and the local channels Cardinals fans need to tune into the NFL preseason.


  • Subscription pause available. The service is one of our top picks for NFL coverage for several reasons, including respect for the rising costs of live TV streaming. Fubo offers football fans the option to pause their subscriptions during the NFL off-season, which is brilliant and right in line with where the market is.
  • 4K streaming supported. Fans with supported devices can upgrade to Fubo Elite to watch FOX sports in 4K.
  • Carries PAC-12 Network for Arizona and ASU sports
  • Free trial available + 4K option available


  • Limited DVR. Although Fubo lags behind the competition with its relatively limited DVR storage, we have used Fubo for years and never maxed out the DVR.
  • Lacks TBS and TNT for big Suns and Coyotes games

Read our fuboTV review.

NFL+ – budget pick with full coverage on mobile and tablets for local fans

NFL+ offers full local coverage for Cardinals fans in the Phoenix TV market. Although the app can only stream regular season games on mobile devices and tablets, NFL+ is a great budget option for watching the Cardinals.


  • Best choice for watching the Cardinals on mobile. Were it not for the fact that NFL+ only has the mobile TV rights to air regular season Cardinals games on mobile and tablets, the app would be my top pick.
  • Save $1,000 and get complete coverage locally. Nonetheless, if you are a Cardinals fan who plans to watch the team primarily on your phone, you can save a ton of money by signing up for NFL+. With NFL+, Cardinals fans in Phoenix can watch every regular season game, plus national games, playoff games, and the Super Bowl for a savings of about $1,000 per year over the competition.
  • Listen to the Cardinals. Live audio of all NFL games.
  • Free trial available


  • Available on mobile and tablet only

Sling TV Blue – budget pick for FOX games

Sling TV Blue is a good solution for watching Cardinals games that air on KSAZ-TV FOX 10 Phoenix.


  • Carries NFL Network. As an added bonus, Sling TV Blue carries NFL Network for watching some preseason games, and the NFL’s growing lineup of international games.
  • Watch FOX. Watch KSAZ-TV FOX 10 Phoenix
  • Save money. Budget price


  • Gaps in coverage. Although Sling TV Blue does not offer all the channels you need to watch the Cardinals, it will provide KSAZ-TV, FOX 10 in Phoenix, which will get you a lot of games.
  • Lacks most local channels. The downside is you can’t get NBC, ABC, or CBS without an air antenna. For an extra $4.99 per month in monthly cost, Cardinals fans could add Paramount+ to get access to CBS.

Read our Sling TV review for sports fans.

DIRECTV STREAM – full local Cardinals coverage

DIRECTV STREAM offers full Cardinals coverage for local fans in Phoenix.


  • Complete coverage in base package. NFL fans in Phoenix can watch the Cardinals’ entire 2023 season with DIRECTV STREAM in the base package.
  • Unlimited DVR. DIRECTV STREAM offers unlimited DVR in all of its packages, which is a plus for football fans who want to record games.


  • Regional sports network lineup less attractive. With the Suns announcing they will drop Bally Sports Arizona and broadcast games instead locally, sports fans in Phoenix have less incentive to add DTV STREAM, a platform long known for its regional sports network lineup.
  • Lacking NFL Sunday Ticket. New for 2023, YouTube TV is the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket after DIRECTV STREAM lost rights to the NFL’s out-of-market package.
  • Shorter free trial than competition

Can I watch the Arizona Cardinals on Hulu + Live TV?

Yes, Hulu + Live TV has the channels you need to watch the Cardinals locally from Phoenix.


  • Unlimited DVR
  • Offers full Cardinals coverage locally. The advantage of Hulu + Live TV for Cardinal fans is the app carries all the channels fans need to watch the entire season from one streaming service, plus unlimited DVR.
  • Comes with the ESPN+ bundle. ESPN+ is offering an increasing lineup of live sports, including select MNF games, college football, and out-of-market NHL.
  • UFC Fights. As a bonus, UFC fans can stream Fight Night and PPV events directly from the Hulu app with the ESPN+ bundle. This is why I currently use Hulu + Live TV, for the convenience of being able to watch football and MMA without toggling over to the ESPN app, which can be notoriously buggy for ordering UFC PPV.


  • Ordering UFC PPV from Hulu app can be buggy
  • Lacks PAC-12 Network (not relevant next season)

Read our Hulu + Live TV review for sports fans.

Can I watch the Arizona Cardinals on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV carries the channels local Cardinals fans need to watch the entire season.


  • Watch the Cardinals from anywhere. Yes, YouTube TV carries the channels you need to watch the Arizona Cardinals, both in-market and out-of-state now that YouTube TV has the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • Innovative sports features. We give YouTube TV major props as an innovator in the live TV sports streaming space. Fantasy football fans will delight at the mobile-only fantasy football integration with the YouTube TV mobile app. The fantasy integration is for NFL.com fantasy teams only.
  • Excellent 4K upgrade. Like Fubo, YouTube TV offers an excellent 4K upgrade that is currently available to new subscribers at a bargain price.
  • Generous free trial
  • 4K option available


  • Google account required to signup
  • Lacks PAC-12 Network

Read our YouTube TV sports review.

How to watch the Cardinals out-of-market

For fans that live far away from Arizona, but still want to watch the Cardinals every week, you have two options.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to watch the Arizona Cardinals out-of-state in 2023

  1. Option one: wait for the Cardinals to appear on national TV or in the playoffs

    Wait for the Cardinals to be on national TV, or hybrid regional games. We estimate these options would cover 4-5 games a year.

  2. Option two: add NFL Sunday Ticket to a YouTube TV account

    NFL Sunday Ticket is now available exclusively on YouTube TV. NFL fans can buy NFL Sunday Ticket to guarantee access to Cardinals broadcasts every Sunday. For 2023, streaming NFL Sunday Ticket will cost $349 plus the cost of a YouTube TV subscription or $449 without YouTube TV.

    Here is the signup link.

Watching the Cardinals FAQ

Which cities are in-market for Arizona Cardinals football?

Some sports fans who cut the cord and ditch cable are surprised to learn that the NFL’s regional TV rules still apply even when you watch games online.

When you sign up for a live TV streaming service to watch sports, the games you get will still be heavily influenced by zip code. Although the Arizona Cardinals will play a handful of times each season on nationally televised games, or on regional games that are broadcast to large segments of the nation, for the most part the Cardinals are a regional team that is most reliably on TV in Arizona and some surrounding western markets.

Based on NFL TV maps compiled by 506 Sports, we estimate these cities will be the most reliably in-market for Cardinals games:

Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ

Having said that, as a west coast NFC franchise, the Cardinals are often featured on a late 4 pm Sunday kickoff on FOX, which increases the number of times larger segments of the country will get to see their games.

Find Your NFL Team By Conference

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