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How to Watch the NY Jets Live Without Cable in 2022

Written by John O'Connor

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In Week 18 of the NFL season, Garrett Wilson and the New York Jets take on the Miami Dolphins from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Here is how to watch the 1:00 PM EST kickoff live without cable on FOX.

NY Jets live stream

You don’t need cable to watch the Jets. In fact, subject to regional viewing rules, you can live stream the Jets entire season on fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, YouTube TV, or Hulu + Live TV.

Paramount Plus, with its NFL on CBS lineup, is a good budget option for Jets fans to watch the games that air on WCBS-TV CBS 2.

For diehard NY sports fans, our top pick to watch Jets games is DIRECTV STREAM. In addition to carrying all the channels you need to watch the Jets and Giants all season long, DIRECTV STREAM also features the YES Network for in-market Yankees fans, as well as MSG for watching the Knicks.


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Table of Contents
  1. How to watch this week’s NY Jets game
  2. New York Jets channels
  3. Can I watch the Jets on DIRECTV STREAM?
  4. Can I watch the Jets on fuboTV?
  5. Can I watch the Jets on Hulu + Live TV?
  6. Can I watch the Jets on Paramount+?
  7. Can I watch the Jets on YouTube TV?
  8. How can I watch the Jets out-of-market?
  9. Watching the Jets FAQ
  10. More NFL Teams

How to watch this week’s NY Jets game

Which channel is the NY Jets game on this week? We list the 2022 New York Jets TV schedule, the channels the Jets play on each week, as well as the live TV streaming services that carry each game, below.

New York Jets channels

As an AFC team, the Jets regular season matchups will often air on CBS. Other important channels include FOX, ESPN, and NBC. Use the chart below to see which live TV streaming services carry the channels that have the rights to broadcast Jets games.

DIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVParamount+Sling Orange & BlueYouTube TV
NFL Network NFL Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone

NFL regular season games are broadcast based on zip code. There are national games on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday Night, but most teams appear in these games only once or twice a season. Want to watch as many games as possible? The choices that follow are the best options for in-market Jets fans in the New York City TV market who want to see all of the Jets regular season games every Sunday.

Can I watch the Jets on DIRECTV STREAM?

Yes, DIRECTV STREAM carries the channels you need to live stream Jets games in-market, including CBS and FOX.

Can I watch the Jets on fuboTV?

Fubo TV will provide Jets fans excellent in-market coverage. The platform carries CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, as well as NFL Network and NFL Red Zone. The service is easy and fast to setup if you are trying to secure a viewing option right before kickoff.

Can I watch the Jets on Hulu + Live TV?

Hulu + live TV carries CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, which makes it an excellent choice for Jets fans in the tri-state area. The ESPN+ bundle adds programming from ESPN+, which is the exclusive home of the UFC.

Can I watch the Jets on Paramount+?

Paramount+, with its NFL on CBS offering, will feature a number of in-market Jets games. However, the platform lacks FOX, ESPN, and NBC, so there will be holes in coverage. That said, Paramount+ is a great option for fans who want to keep their monthly payments low.

Can I watch the Jets on YouTube TV?

Yes, you can watch the Jets on YouTube TV in-market and when the Jets are on national TV. YouTube TV is a great option for local Jets fans as the platform carries CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC, which will offer excellent coverage for the regular season, and hopefully, the playoffs as well.

YouTube TV is the most innovative live TV streaming provider boasting a 4K package, as well as Stats View, Key Plays, and a fantasy football integration. YouTube TV also boasts unlimited DVR storage through its library feature.

Having used YouTube TV extensively, the major downside for me is that the app is tied to a Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account, you are effectively required to setup an email account as you setup a sports streaming platform, which is inconvenient and cumbersome.

How can I watch the Jets out-of-market?

Let’s say you live in Miami, but grew up watching the Jets in the New York area. Unfortunately, you won’t get access to Jets games on your local CBS and FOX affiliate, as during the regular season, they will broadcast the Miami Dolphins and teams closer to home. This makes you an “out-of-market” Jets fan, and if getting access to as many Jets games as possible is your goal, DIRECTV STREAM will be an attractive choice, especially if you live in a high rise or condo that isn’t eligible for a satellite dish.

We haven’t met, but I know you. You are a big NFL fan. You talk and text about upcoming games…

by John O’Connor

Watching the Jets FAQ

Why is the Jets game blacked out?

The NFL doesn’t have blackouts the same way the NBA or MLB does. However, the Jets Week 16 game on Thursday, Dec. 22, Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets, will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime. This means the usual channels, like CBS, will be blacked out.

Can I watch the Jets on the YES Network?

No, the YES Network does not have the TV rights to air NFL games. The Jets will never air on the YES Network.

How can I live stream the Jets game if I live in Florida?

First, determine if the game is a national TV game. If the Jets are on Monday Night football for example, there are no regional restrictions, and watching from Florida on ESPN will be easy. If the broadcast is regional, as most are, and the Jets aren’t playing a Florida team, for 2022 you will have to do two things. First, signup for DIRECTV STREAM and then add-on NFL Sunday Ticket.TV, which is only possible if you live in a condo or apartment building that isn’t eligible for a satellite dish. For 2023, this requirement goes away, but that is the rule for 2022 as long as DTV owns the NFL Sunday Ticket rights.

What radio station carries the Jets?

ESPN New York 98.7 is the official radio station of the Jets.

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