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4 Reasons You Can’t Watch the Yankees on the YES Network

Written by Derek Fleming

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Having trouble getting the Yankee game on? Here are four reasons you can’t watch the Yankees on YES Network for the 2023 season.

Table of Contents
  1. #1. Amazon has the game
  2. How to watch the Yankees Amazon Prime games in 2023
  3. #2. Apple TV+, Peacock, or YouTube has the game
  4. #3. The Yankees are featured on an exclusive national broadcast
  5. #4. You live out-of-market
  6. Trying to live stream the YES Network?
Live-stream Yankees

It’s baseball season, and you’re a New York Yankees fan. You know the Yankees are playing, so you cracked a beer, sat down on the couch, and turned on the YES Network, but the Yankees aren’t on! Don’t worry friend, the editorial team at Streaming Stadium has your back. There are 4 major reasons the Yankees won’t be appear on the YES Network even though they have a game scheduled, read on.

The first reason you may not be able to watch the Yankees on the YES Network is Amazon “ate” the game. Let me explain.

#1. Amazon has the game

The Yankees are one of a handful of teams that own a controlling interest in the regional sports network (RSN) that broadcasts most of their regular season games. The Yankees regular season is carried predominantly by the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, or the YES Network for short. The Yankees own 26% of the YES Network, which is the largest share. Other partners include Sinclair Broadcasting, the media conglomerate that owns the Bally Sports RNS, and Amazon. Yes, Amazon is a part owner of the YES Network, and as odd as this sounds, Amazon’s stake in the YES Network is a big part of the reason that you can’t watch the Yankees on the YES Network and found this page after conducting a Google search. For the 2022 season, 21 Yankees games that would have been on the YES Network will now be on Amazon Prime. The broadcast team is all the same as on the YES Network, just Amazon worked a deal to show the game only on Prime.

The following 2023 Yankees games will be broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime. One important point to note: Amazon is effectively taking over for the YES Network’s regional coverage in the Tri-State area, so only in-market Yankees fans will be able to stream the games. This means that the RSNs for the opposing teams will still keep their normal coverage and avoid blackouts.

How to watch the Yankees Amazon Prime games in 2023

As was the case last season, the Yankees will play a series of exclusive games on Amazon Prime in 2023. If you live in the YES Network viewing territory, these games can only be viewed on Amazon Prime. Amazon games caused outrage among Yankee fans last season and we don’t expect a warmer reception this season. All start times listed below are EST.

Tuesday, April 4 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, April 19 vs. Los Angeles Angels – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, May 3 vs. Cleveland Guardians – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, May 17 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – 7:00pm  
Wednesday, May 24 vs. Baltimore Orioles – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, June 21 vs. Seattle Mariners – 7:00pm
Friday, June 30 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – 8:00pm 
Wednesday, July 5 vs. Baltimore Orioles – 7:00pm 
Saturday, July 8 vs. Chicago Cubs – 1:00pm 
Wednesday, July 19 vs. Los Angeles Angels – 7:00pm
Wednesday, August 2 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 7:00pm 
Friday, August 4 vs. Houston Astros – 7:00pm
Wednesday, August 16 vs. Atlanta Braves – 7:00pm 
Friday, August 18 vs. Boston Red Sox – 7:00pm 
Sunday, August 20 vs. Boston Red Sox – 1:30pm
Friday, September 1 vs. Houston Astros – 8:00pm
Monday, September 11 vs. Boston Red Sox – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, September 13 vs. Boston Red Sox – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, September 20 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – 7:00pm 
Wednesday, September 27 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – 7:00pm 

#2. Apple TV+, Peacock, or YouTube has the game

In 2023, these platforms will show exclusive live streams:

  • YouTube – 15 free games
  • Peacock – 18 Sunday Morning games
  • Apple TV+ – Friday Night doubleheaders
  • Amazon Prime – 21 in-market Yankees games

Each of these games will cause YES Network blackouts.

The problem for MLB fans is that competition in the world of streaming is causing media giants to bid on the rights to broadcast exclusive games, and the trend goes well beyond Amazon. For example, Apple TV+ bought the rights to live stream a Friday doubleheader throughout the regular season called Friday Night Baseball. Similarly, NBC Universal’s streaming wing, Peacock, now has the rights to 18 regular season games to be shown only on Peacock on Sunday mornings. YouTube even got in on the action with 15 exclusive free games in the 2022 season.

Yankees 2023 Friday Night Baseball Schedule

The Yankees will appear on the Apple TV+ Friday Night Baseball broadcast twice in 2022. These games will be blacked out on the YES Network.

  • Friday, April 29th Royals vs. Yankees
  • Friday, June 3 Yankees vs. Tigers

Yankees 2023 Sunday Morning Baseball Schedule

  • Sunday, June 5 Tigers at Yankees

Yankees 2023 MLB Game of the Week on YouTube Schedule

There are currently no Yankees games scheduled on YouTube’s MLB broadcast for the first half of the season.

The Yankees are a national brand. Because the pinstripes are such a big draw, they are regularly featured on national broadcasts. Some of these broadcasts, like ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, and many playoff games, are exclusives, meaning major media players paid for the rights to have the game all to themselves on their network. In these cases, the YES Network will be blacked out. For a complete rundown on how to watch the Yankees on national broadcasts, see the guide below.

#4. You live out-of-market

If you don’t live within the YES Network viewing territory, you can’t watch the Yankees on the YES Network. Instead, you have to sign up for MLB.TV as an out-of-market fan in order to get access to non-nationally televised Yankee games. In the image embedded below, we show an easy-to-use map of the YES Network viewing territory.

YES Network viewing territory
Make sure you are in-market for the YES Network if you can’t figure out why you can’t watch Yankee games.

Trying to live stream the YES Network?

Are you trying to find the YES Network in a live stream? DirecTV Stream’s “Choice” plan is the only option.

You can watch the Yankees live online with a DirecTV Stream “Choice” subscription. Cancel anytime.

Read our DirecTV Stream review.

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  1. That’s all BS, we paid to watch the games on the YES channel and now we are limited at to which games we can watch. Let’s face it, they want our money twice for the same game. Subscribe to YES and pay, subscribe to Amazon and pay? Not me, I’ll not give Amazon a dime, and I will consider doing the same to YES. I can see highlights on I like baseball, but sometimes it’s like watching paint dry. And MLB is ruining the game anyway.

    • Hey Russ, we feel your pain. The sports streaming world is becoming more and more confusing as the TV rights get divvied up a thousand ways from Sunday. Ultimately though, you’re right, consumers have the power. Simply not signing up for the MLB “streaming exclusives” will send a message to media board rooms.

  2. I think the change of YES schedule is beyond awful!
    I will expect a Verizon discount on every game not on PIX or YES!

    • I don’t disagree, Kenneth. The Apple TV+, Amazon, Peacock, and YouTube games, all of which are MLB “streaming exclusives” are going to upset a lot of baseball fans.

  3. Why am I paying extra money for the yes network and I can’t watch the Yankees. It’s complete garbage I only watch the yes network for the Yankees. I definitely will cancel my yes network. Quite unbelievable

    • Max, thanks for the comment, you are definitely not the only MLB fan who is frustrated with these “streaming exclusive” games. The Yankees are getting hit particularly hard presumably because of Amazon’s partial ownership of the YES Network.

  4. I’m a 76 year old lady senior citizen who has been a Yankee fan since before I could walk. I live in CT and can’t afford to go to a game. I enjoy watching on the Yes network. I watch every game, except for Friday nights. Now for some dumb reason, I can’t watch my game on Friday. I pay for YES thru my cable package. Why did this happen? Because of my age and health I can’t do as much as I used to, but I do enjoy my Yankees. Why does it always come down to money? No one cares about the fans that don’t have much money and can’t afford streaming networks. Please bring my Yankees back on Friday nights!!!

  5. This is BS!!!! This is outrageous and a refund should be processed!!! We paid for the YES channel to watch ALL the games …..

  6. I will not pay one extra cent . I am paying for the Yes channel and am being short changed. I will now watch the Mets play instead of the Yankees.

  7. I am 86 years old. Years ago I used to be an Avid Dodger fan. When they left Brooklyn, l quit baseball until I married a Yankee fan and became an avid Yankee fan. I guess I can quit baseball again. I think it is awful what they are doing to their fans. They really don ‘t care about the fans only money, money, money.

  8. I complained to my local Assemblyman about the same issue, explaining that I was due a refund from YES or Optimum. They said that Optimum was likely operating within the guidelines of the NJBPU. So complained to the BPU. They sent my complaint to the Optimum customer relations department. Optimum then informed me about this underhanded, sneaky, sweetheart business arrangement with a link to your excellent article. So now I only watch Mets games (whose announcers are 100% better than those babbling idiots on YES.)

    • Go Mets! Good there are two teams in the NY area to watch, Greg. Amazon is a part owner of the YES Network and worked a deal to get a number of exclusive local games this season. It just may backfire with how angry it is making Yankees fans.

  9. My mother is 94 and pays way to much for her spectrum and the package with yes network. She loves watching the Yankees and gets upset when they should be on. This is BS she likes to watch with me since I recently retired and now we miss weekend games so money hungry people can make more money. We are very unhappy.

  10. This is INSANE!!!!!!
    I will NEVER give Amazon or anyone else a dime…I have the YES Network to watch The Yankees and if they are going to prostitute themselves ..I simply wont watch….Fans are REALLY PISSED OFF!!! BOYCOTT ANY GAME NOT ON YES and Maybe YES NETWORK TOO!!!

  11. And just so you know….you can NOT watch a Yankee game on Amazon Prime WITHOUT also subscribing to MLB.TV it is NOT FREE with Amazon Prime……. they are screwing us 7 ways from Sunday…. They HATE THEIR FANS!!

    • AG, that depends on where you live. If you are out-of-market, say in California, then yes, you need to have MLB.TV in order to watch the Yankees. If you live in Brooklyn, you can stream the game on Prime alone.

  12. I am not surprised! Greedy networks want a piece of avid Yankees fans and willing to charge us fans hand over fist

  13. This is so ridiculous!!! Obviously, the Yankees and Amazon are greedy SOB’s. Well, the Yankees are not the only baseball team in town. Let’s go Mets!!! They didn’t sell their fans out!!!

  14. No game on Memorial Day. Then turn on tonight’s game and not available on YES even though it comes up on my channel guide. This is fucking ridiculous. I better be able to watch the repeat later tonight.

  15. So you have to pay Amazon, Apple and Peacock for Yankee games you already paid YES for. This is beyond obscene and I don’t know any Yankee fan that will do so, especially my 90 year old mother who is losing her mind over this. Thank you Hal Steinbrenner and Major League Baseball!
    Also, from what I understand, these ‘networks’ have commercials during the game!!! So why aren’t these games broadcast free???

  16. I agree with all the dissenters. The fact that we pay to see the Yankees play on YES means we should be able to view ALL the games. This is BS and I will not pay anything extra to Amazon or You Tube or any of the other streaming services. My wife and I are avid Yankee fans and this just isn’t fair. Maybe it’s time to start watching the Mets!

  17. Great Yankee season spoiled by greed and disloyalty to fans. Poisoned the Great American Game. Shameful

  18. I am a big NYY fan. This new arrangement of parcelling out the games to other networks is very frustrating ! I do not have some of those networks. I’m sure this is all about $$$, but PLEASE, for the sake of the fans, put the games back on the YES network!

  19. Nice way to piss off your fans, Yankees! And yes i’m pissed i cant watch every yankee game!

  20. You – John O’Connor have finally given me an explanation of what the heck is going on with Yankee games—we are lifelong fans + expect to turn on YES + GET the game. Not to be searching online + trying to figure out what channel they could be on. Had a feeling it would come down to money. Cannot believe the Yankee organization would allow this to happen— but money talks.

    • Glad I could be of assistance, Susan! Difficult times for Yankees fans, these streaming exclusive games are upsetting a lot of people in NY.

  21. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosteinbrenner, levine and cashman s**k

  22. It is nice to see I am not the only Yankee fan who is absolutely livid about the changes to how we can view the games. I have Optimum and we have to pay a sports network fee that of course rises every year. I believe anyone who has to pay that fee deserves a refund because the streaming services are not “ Networks “ so we should not be charged.

  23. I am so aggravated. It is so confusing just to figure out where to watch the game. Then, did I pay the bribe needed to stream the game. Did I download that app to my smart tv? Oh crap, I can’t dvr the game so must watch live! I hate this and I am so angry at the Yankees. Finally, playing great baseball and can’t watch the games. I am beyond pissed off. Greedy xf@$7:2ers!

  24. Airing Yankee games on Amazon, Peacock, etc. is a blatant disregard of lifelong Yankee fans. George Steinbrenner always put fans first and would never be a party to this slap in the face. I’ll be switching to the Mets.

  25. what do you expect from a society where only college graduates can afford an apartment. The American dream has gone down the toilet.

  26. I agree with all of you
    I remember watching the Yankees on channel 11 all the time for free when I was kid in the 80’s and early 90’s when they was horrible and now you have to pay for several streaming apps and pay for yes network as well. I just install Fios just to see the Yankee games on yes now i find out not all games will be on yes. I’m deleting my Fios account and screw the Yankees i Never thought I would ever say those words but this is about money American greed Yankees truly are the evil empire I’m done.

  27. Its disgusting that a die hard Yankee Fan like myself cannot watch the games like i normally would. It ahouldnt be this much of a hassle to watch the game. I already pay almost 250 a month for cavle TV yet i cannot access a game because strwaming services are monopolozing everything
    Lets all make a pact to boycott
    Apple TV and Peacock for 1 month so that they do not reap on benefits and rather they lose profits

  28. This blows. I’m not going to subscribe to every network they get a deal with. Do I have to watch the Mets?

    Rant over.

  29. As a YES subscriber and loyal Yankees fan, I’m just not going to buy another new service to watch Yankees games. I’ll skip the games instead of searching down new Apps or paying for additional premium services I don’t need or want. Please stop using Yankees games to advertise new channels, and using fans as dupes. It’s stupid to make fans angry and resentful, and stupid to get them out of the habit of watching games regularly. We’ll find something else to do, you money-hungry cheats.

  30. I have been a die hard Yankee fan since I could speak.
    I am so dishearten by MLB, the YES NETWORK, the NY YANKEES ownership and there front office. They forgot who the fans are. It’s all about money today. The fans and subscribers of all Yankee baseball games should send a message by walking away from them as hard at it may be to do.

    The are taking the joy of baseball and the beloved fans of the Yankees out of the picture and leaving them out in the cold.
    ITS DISGRACEFUL From a very disappointed Yankee fan.

  31. tried to find Yankees on tv today – not there – how disappointing –
    born & raised Yankee fan here in CT; love to watch them on YES –
    & as many games as i can –
    i guess not any more –
    i would even skip the beach to watch the Yankees!
    not a computer person, won’t comment about all that stuff –
    but it comes down to they don’t care about us ‘little people’, their fans of many years – so SAD! – (especially us older folks that don’t have much money, but love to watch our Yankees ….)
    but yet, here in this CT area, we can watch EVERY Red Sox game …..
    boo –

  32. This streaming with Amazon prime, peacock really disturbs me. I subscribe to the YES channel and pay through my fios cable package. I also pay for cable. Hard to believe that baseball has become such a nickel and dime operation. Pisses me off that I now have to pay too or three times to watch a game
    Ron Raggio

  33. Screw them money hungry corporations, double dipping. Pay for Yes , pay for Amazon Prime and still cant watch. Now they want you to pay for Apple+, all on a fixed income. We are just pee ons in this world.

  34. This is very unrealistic from the Yankee’s ownership!
    Please let us can watch the all games on Yes Network!
    We are having an awesome year and loved the game how we playing these days.
    Let’s go Rangers…


  36. There is no need for MLB or the Yankees to black out its fans nor is the reason good enough. Money isn’t everything. I am on a fixed income and I absolutely refuse to pay twice so I can watch a ballgame. I not only refuse to pay but I can’t afford it! Going to the stadium is expensive enough, what with the price of gas! It is high time that teams, it’s players, owners, etc see how ordinary people live.

  37. Maybe there should be a federal investigation. I remember when home games for NFL teams were blacked out from watching and congress did something about it. Maybe we should tell our Senators and reps to look into this. It is complete BS!!!

  38. We cannot afford to chase the Yankees this year…we have been YES customers for 20 years…we have a great team this yeR and for the past two years suffered through COVID Baseball….my husband and I have decided to quit watching the games altogether. MLB was concerned at one time about losing fans….well now they are the reason for losing fans. Honestly…YouTube, peacock, espn, Amazon, appletv….where the heck is YES! Sorry for any typos…cataract surgery recently.

  39. I’m going to stop pay TV all together and just listen on the radio like the old days. It’s good for the imagination and quite a bit of fun actually!!

  40. One of the few things we can enjoy is Yankees baseball. We have YES that we pay for already. I really don’t care about profits for the big guys. We just want to watch the game and watch it on YES or a local affiliate.

    This is not encouraging me to “stream” and pay even more. It’s a big turn off and we don’t pay through the nose for television just so we can pay even more to watch games that should be in our plan…ALL OF THEM! I don’t care about soccer and basketball.


  41. I couldnt hate this more. There were years I didnt miss a game.

    This makes me hate YES, and the YANKEES, way to go.

  42. The amount of frustration not knowing where we we can watch the Yankees game each night combined with trying to figure out how to see the game, has ruined all the enjoyment of the baseball season. I have been watching the yankees for over 70 years, a diehard fan, I can neither afford to pay for 5 different streaming plans nor would I be able to figure out how to pull up the program. It is not easy like going to YES each night to watch my Yankees. Give your fans a break, our dedication should be rewarded, we certainly don’t deserve the treatment we are dealing with. I wonder, are we the only franchise that is so blatantly slapping its fans faces? Shame on you!

  43. I am already starting to watch the Mets even though the Yankees have been my team since Roger Maris in 1961. I hate Bezos and his stupid Amazon which I am now canceling membership in. The fans are the losers but Big Business does not care.


  45. Life long Yankees fan and played baseball through college. Love baseball. I’m dropping the GREEDY yes network. This would piss off George. Fools, say goodbye to future baseball fans and future money, fools.

  46. This is the poorest choice you could’ve made for your FANS – – – – They, who pay your way !! The YES substitute programs will not be watched. – – wait & see.

    I didn’t send this twice, but should have.

  47. the YES Network can now be called the NO Network. Usually I would go to several games per year….no more…If I can’t watch them on TV I will no longer pay to see them in person either

  48. Thanks, YES!!, once again the fans are getting screwed, AND, not even a kiss…. be sure to send a tube of PETROLEUM JELLY to the next sucker who signs up.

  49. I live in South Florida in a 55+ community. Two Bally Sports channels show the Marlins and Ray’s games. The YES channel is on my recently installed Blue Stream Fiber. However, the only programs I see on the Guide are Yankee Batting Practice, Yankee Pre-Game and Yankee Post Game. No games. Instead American Ninjas is usually shown. I understand about games not being shown when the Bronx Bombers are playing the Florida teams. I also understand about when the games are going to be on ESPN, Peacock and Apple/Amazo . But am I going to ever see Yankee broadcasts on YES?

    • Robert, the only way for you to see the Yankees from where you live is to sign up for MLB.TV. The YES Network broadcasts regionally, not nationally, that’s why you’re getting Bally Sports Sun and Florida games.

  50. This is sooooo WRONG!!! I am 74 years old, living on Social Security. Went to the 1977 World Series, saw Mickey Mantle play ball, lived at Yankee Stadium driving in from Connecticut every weekend the Yankees we’re home. I am now in California and get the MLB network in my cable package which costs me $245.97 a month! That gives me maybe 3 games a week. Most of the time MLB would have the “Friday” night game and now no longer will I see anymore games on Friday! I too watched games on channel 11 for FREE when I lived in CT. George Steinbrenner is turning in his grave!!!

  51. I am so disgusted with all this Streaming stuff, MLB, & Direct TV.
    I have Direct TV, the 250 channel plan, which is a joke. Out of those we maybe watch 8 at the most, because none of the rest have anything decent to watch.
    On top of that, because I & my 94 year old mother, are Yankee fans and to get the games I pay extra for 2 Sport pkg. My Direct TV bill is over $230/month. One is MLB Extra Innings & the other is Sports pkg or something like that.
    So, several of the games on YES have been blacked out. It is so frustrating. I hate listening to the Houston Broadcast, which is what I have to do. I do not have a Smart TV anyway & I am certainly not buying one until my 52inch Sony Bravia goes out.
    I am also not going to pay for streaming on my iPad when I am paying Direct TV already about $50+/month just to watch the Yankees.
    It is not easy for me to do that.
    It isn’t fair. Someone needs to do something about the price gauging by cable, satellite, & streaming companies.

  52. As a life long yankee fan since the early 1950s i can’t believe the Yankees would stoop low for a few extra bucks.-I pay over 200 a month to spectrum. I will not pay another dime to these money hungry vultures. I hope other fans will not give in to these vultures


  53. I may be late to game but shame on the Yankees and YES network for selling out and leaving loyal fans out! To add insult to injury I have to watch NESN to catch Yankees vs Red Sox tonight .

  54. I am so disgusted with not being able to watch my Yankees. How sad for the millions of fans all over the country. Next, it will be football, then basketball, and the list goes on. How damn greedy can Amazon be, like they need the money? So, there you go, the hell with the average consumer who can’t afraid the extra charge to watch the games. Sad day for America.

  55. Let’s face it, all this streaming and any other source wanting more money is nothing more than the Yankees or any other team getting some more money out of their fans and general public, for one reason only to help pay for the ridiculous salaries paid the spoiled greedy ball players of today, they don’t give damn about the game or loyalty, only the money and they prove that every time contracts come up! Also 50-60 percent of them can’t even hit at a .250 BA, very sad!
    There is no sports player in any sport who deserves more than $2 million dollars per year, ever ever ever!!! Save your arguments the general public agrees with this!

  56. I moved out of NY 5 years ago, and have been a die hard Yankee fan since I was 5 years old, . Listening to Bill White , Frank Messer, and Phill Rizzuto, on WPIX CHANNEL 11, when it was free.
    First MSG came in and it was no longer free. Then YES came and took over, and did a good job, with pre and post games. Being retired in S Carolina I am considered “out of market” I have to pay MLB.TV, Amazon, Yes, Apple, I think you tube is free, but then you have to find the channels ( no easy feat) and in many cases listen to announcers who have no idea what is going on. The kids growing up are not playing or watching baseball like they were when I grew up and baseball field were full of children, where now there isnt a soul. They are driving baseball to the ground, and once the product dries up and turns to video games, or football, and the talent level drops, some rich a–hole is going sit there and try to analytically try to figure what went wrong.

  57. Any reason why Yes/Optimum shows commercials but not the pre game, Paul O’Neil ceremony? This isn’t the first time Yes plays commercials-goes to black for a while then goes back to playing more commercials..any info would be appreciated.

  58. I have problems finding the Friday night game so since I am retired I just watch it on YES Saturday morning. Same game same announcers ect. .

  59. Let’s have a rally!!! Everyone whose pissed off about this should Rally at yankee stadium, let’s set a date! Everyone unite!!! Better yet, let’s Rally on Hal’s front lawn!!!!!😂😂😂😂 imagine thousands of us yelling and screaming outside Hal’s house, oops!,I mean mansion!!!😂😂(wherever that is!!😂😂😂). Let’s make some big wooden Plus signs and peacocks and toss them over his fence!!😂😂😂, come ‘on yankee fans! Let’s do something about this crap. If we don’t, it’s gonna get worse!!! Let’s “nip it”Barney Fife style!!! Next,they’ll go after Me-Tv!!!! 😳😳

  60. This sucks. I pay for YES, now no game? And pay Amazon? You must be kidding. I have been a ticket buying loyal YES fan for years. Where’s the loyalty?

  61. San Francisco CA:
    My 78 year old father is a HUGE sports fan – but MLB is his number one favorite by far. He’s watched every Giants game – many live – and he has watched almost every MLB team game religiously for more than 40 years.

    Facing his 80’s – with failing health, thats been very limiting, his biggest highlight in life are the MLB games.
    So much so, that everything else in his life works around the scheduled games, everything timed, he’d never consider going anywhere in the hours prior – in case an accident/traffic were to make him late. He’s got a very definitive pattern:
    the pregame, with his dinner, then the game, his dessert, and his tea with the commentary wrap up afterwards. Then he talks about all the various details and players game until the next game.

    He sat down tonight waiting for his game to begin…and called for me in a panic….upset and confused as to why the channel said “ERROR”….I began the usual (nearly weekly) Xfinity troubleshooting …and it was when I looked up to see if the Channel had issues…
    that I found out:
    – “The Trifecta Deal from Hell” –

    As I explained…my Dads face just became more upset and sad…and confused:
    “Does that mean I can’t watch it?” I felt like I was about to break his heart.
    We have older tv’s and his problematic Android phone – an outdated iPad mini and an
    11 year old HP laptop. YouTube videos barely watchable- between the constant buffering and “website crashed reloading..” messages ….and Xfinitys worthless progressively slower internet, that drops off every 15 minutes….
    there’s zero way we could download Apple TV, then stream a baseball game.

    Then there’s the fact that my parents are on the tightest “to the last penny” budget, with just a meager social security income – after losing their savings due to Covid related issues. So when I say they scrape by ….some months they run out of cash 3-6 days early – and depend on Community Food Banks to get through.
    I am always negotiating the utility bills, even though they’re on the highest discount available, because they literally cannot afford to pay more than what’s budgeted.

    I don’t understand HOW so many previously and historically FREE shows and Channels are now “updated” so you’re required to pay? Or pay more? At a time when so many have lost so much.

    This MLB deal was the epitome of sheer greed, not caring one bit about the “true long time fans” knowing even if they excluded everyone but the wealthy, they’d just adjust by raising prices and not think twice.

    But what was immediately apparent? The deal WAS NOT simply to attract younger MLB fans – due to concerns over an aging fan base- that’s SUCH utter BS!
    If that were true, they could have STILL negotiated to CONTINUE the NBC game on tv and – ADDED- a streaming service – creating an ADDITION- like so many other Companies and Channels have done.
    It didn’t have to be an either/or.

    But it wouldn’t have netted them the $111 Million they received.
    ITS so blatantly obvious is all based on 100% PURE GREED.
    If Bloomberg/MLB needs money that desperately- just by slightly lowering the sign on bonuses and contracts – they’d yield MILLIONS.

    I am SO sick of hearing about the increasing greed from all over the U.S.
    Wherever there’s an issue or conflict of any kind……you can bet it’ll be traced back to
    some financial deal or greed.

    It’s making me ashamed to be an American.

    And SHAME ON YOU MLB for breaking my Dads heart. 💔

  62. So tonight I watched the Derek Jeter tribute on YES but couldn’t watch Derek throw out the first pitch because the game that followed the tribute was only on Amazon Prime. That absolutely makes no sense! I have Prime and live in central NJ but still can’t watch the games unless I sign up for MLB. This is not fair to loyal Yankees fans!

  63. I’m taking the advice of this blog’s loyal Yankees fans-I’m calling and writing my Congressman and Representative in CT.
    I grew up a huge fan from the 60’s and I’m as pissed as all of you are. ACTION NEEDED
    Contact your baseball loving politicians and also tell your Streaming Account Representatives Managers why you’re dropping them.!!!!

  64. I can’t believe how difficult it has become to watch your favorite teams. I’m in NY and I’m not permitted to watch NY teams? It seems to me greed will ultimately kill this game. Ridiculous BS.

  65. It’s bad enough that we Yankee fans get screwed by limited games on the Yes Netwok. Notice the price never decreased even though we miss a lot of games. I’m cancelling the Yes Network. One more complaint from me. The networks that show the post season games like TBS is hard to watch. The announcers don’t know baseball and never stop talking like Bob Costas. Man was he bad! Wish we could listen to the regular season announcers like Michael Kay and Paul O’Neill. I’m done with it all!

  66. I’d like to see the ticket-holding fans boycott a weeks worth of Yankee Stadium home games. Come on Bleacher Creatures, help us out. Come on ticket holders, there’s plenty of us who cannot afford subscribing to several streaming services. Get on social media, spread the word. Stick up for us, we’re fans too. We just can’t afford it and are tired of the nose-thumbing treatment. Maybe a VISUAL of empty seats might wake up the greedy ones . . . Help us out . . . there’s strength in numbers. How ’bout it ??!


  68. I think we should boycott the Yankees and that includes going to stadium.
    This whole situation is ridiculous and no sport is worth paying three different services to watch a game. It’s absolute robbery. How stupid do these companies think we are. I hope they all lose a fortune.

  69. I pay for the MLB package on Directv, but couldn’t find the 5/17 Yankee game anywhere. It wasn’t on their MLB channels. As others pointed out Amazon prime which I have was a dead end. Crazy that Directv points to Amazon, and Amazon points to That’s 15 min of my life gone before I gave up. I got screwed up a couple weeks ago with Apple+. We have Apple, but not Apple+. I sure sound like an old f-rt that longs for the days of using a simple remote (that I’m willing to pay for!).

  70. Why am I paying Xfinity and paying for Amazon and why, why, why, am I also watching commercials when the games are on Amazon? Must I now pay for Apple or whatever other platform they decide to put the games on also. And who do I complain to that can at least give me the satisfaction that I’m being heard? It makes me want to look for something else to watch that has no effen commercials. Its like when you turn on the TV you are seeing more commercials than programming!! Are you kidding me? How much psoriasis and cruddy patio stones and dancing (Dancing?) people with their A1C lower than before can we stand???

  71. As a Yankee fan since the 50s, I share the outrage and frustration of everyone above.

    I don’t mind Amazon and Apple wanting to show Yankee games, but there’s no reason those broadcasts have to be exclusive. It doesn’t really gain them much if anything and it deprives YES subscribers unfairly. EVERY Yankee game should be on YES no matter who else is showing it.

    Secondly, I have a question about your YES service-area map. Why is YES available in eastern CT where all the Red Sox fans are, but not in eastern CT, closer to NYC, where Yankee fans dominate? It makes no sense. I’m baffled.

  72. It seems that the Yankee’s owners and upper management does not care if us as Yankee fans and consumers get screwed. As long as they keep getting there dividends $$. Then us YES network subscribers and long time fans will keep getting the shaft. They are tainting the love of baseball and our devotion to Yankees legacy.

  73. Streaming TV services have become the new way of parting people from their money. I’m with the “you pay for Yes and should get ALL the games” camp. The game on this Sunday, August 6, 2023 with the Astros was on the MLB Extra Innings service. “Experience the action of MLB Extra Innings! Call your cable operator to subscribe.” You’re kidding me… right??!!? WTF !! Why was the game put on this network ? Why are we being forced to subscribe to more pay services. I was able to listen to the game live streamed on the FAN radio network…. FOR FREE. 660AM.

  74. Now as a Connecticut viewer who has Prime Video and YES, I cannot even watch today, August 27th, 2023 on Amazon as they deem me out of market based on IP address. This is sure fire way to anger me so much that I don’t watch baseball any more. They can keep all their subscriptions. I am simply a fed up fan who is not a fan any longer.

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