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How to Watch the Dallas Cowboys on Roku Devices

Written by John O'Connor

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I have a job doing what I do at Streaming Stadium because the world of watching sports online can be convoluted and confusing. Our goal here is to help sports fans find the fastest, and cheapest, options for streaming their favorite teams. In today’s post, I want to clear up some confusion about how to watch the Dallas Cowboys on a Roku device.


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Table of Contents
  1. The most important channels for NFL fans
  2. Roku’s dedicated Cowboys channel doesn’t carry Cowboys games
  3. The best options for watching Cowboys games on Roku devices
  4. How to watch the Dallas Cowboys on Roku: Step by Step

The Dallas Cowboys are nicknamed “America’s Team” for a reason. The Cowboys are on national TV more than most teams, and they have the fan base to go along with the national stage they occupy. Nevertheless, ask most Cowboys fans the best way to stream the Dallas game on Sunday and their eyes will glaze over.

This is especially true for NFL fans using a Roku device. If you own a Roku device, want to watch the Cowboys games, but aren’t sure the best way to go about it, your confusion is justified.

The most important channels for NFL fans

The Cowboys appear each season on the channels listed below, regardless of device.

NFL coverage for each channel:

  • CBS – In-market AFC games / some NFL Playoff games
  • FOX – In-market NFC Games / some NFL Playoff games / 2023 Super Bowl
  • ESPN – Monday Night Football / some NFL Playoff games
  • NBC – Sunday Night Football / some NFL playoff games
FuboDIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceParamount+Sling BlueYouTube TVHulu + Live TV
NFL Network NFL Network
NFL RedZone NFL RedZone

Note: Sling TV carries FOX and NBC, but only in select markets.

Roku’s dedicated Cowboys channel doesn’t carry Cowboys games

Roku has a dedicated Dallas Cowboys channel called Cowboys Now, but you can’t actually stream Cowboys games on it.

Say what?

I own a Roku device, and Roku has a dedicated Cowboys channel, but it won’t get me actual Cowboys games?

Yes, that is correct. Cowboys Now only features Cowboys analysis and entertainment, as well as pre and post game coverage. Many Cowboys fans will enjoy this content, but the Cowboys Now channel does not have the TV rights to broadcast actual games.

The best options for watching Cowboys games on Roku devices

Keep in mind, Roku is a type of streaming device, not a live TV streaming service. As a Roku owner looking to stream the Cowboys games, your search is really for the live TV streaming apps that do two things:

  1. Are compatible with the Roku device you own
  2. Carry the channels you need to stream the Cowboys games

In the list that follows, I will make your life easy and only offer suggestions for streaming services that are Roku compatible and carry the most important channels for watching the NFL.


fuboTV is compatible with virtually all Roku devices, and the service carries the most important channels you need for watching NFL action, including the Cowboys games.

Simply download the fuboTV app to your Roku device, and follow the prompts to start the free trial. Boom, you are on your way to live streaming sports on your Roku.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is another Roku compatible streaming service that carries all the most important channels for watching the NFL.

DirecTV Stream is more expensive than fuboTV, but it is the only live TV streaming provider that carries Bally Sports Southwest, which is the local RSN for Dallas Sports. If you live in the Dallas area, signing up for DirecTV Stream “Choice” will allow you to watch not only the Cowboys, but also Stars, Mavericks, and Rangers games on your Roku device.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is another streaming service that offers the channels you need to watch NFL games and the Hulu app also plays nicely with Roku devices. In addition, Hulu + Live TV offers an ESPN+ bundle that many sports fans will find attractive.

YouTube TV

There have been some contract disputes between Roku and YouTube TV, but the YouTube TV app is currently available on Roku and offers a nice option for streaming Dallas games.

Sling TV Blue – budget pick

Sling TV is compatible with Roku devices, however, Sling only offers FOX and NBC, two important NFL channels, in select markets, and doesn’t feature ABC or CBS without an air antenna.

The price point is attractive and as Dallas is one of the markets that gets FOX on Sling, so many Cowboys games will be available on Sling Blue throughout the season. Upgrading to Sling Orange & Blue gets you ESPN, which means you can watch the Cowboys when they appear on Monday Night Football.

How to watch the Dallas Cowboys on Roku: Step by Step

Watching the Dallas Cowboys on a Roku device is easy. All of the live TV streaming services we list above support most Roku devices, including our top pick, DIRECTV STREAM. Here are the steps to take to watch the Cowboys on Roku.

  1. Signup for a live TV streaming service on your laptop or mobile phone.

    Visit your preferred streaming service’s website, and either create an account, or signup. Signup for DIRECTV STREAM, here. Write down your login credentials on a piece of paper.

  2. Go to your Roku TV and grab the remote. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

    Look for “streaming channels” on the home screen and find your live TV streaming service. watch denver broncos on roku

  3. Find the “Streaming Channels” option on the left sidebar of the Roku home screen.

    This option will help you search for, and find, your live TV streaming app. Press “ok” when you have found your streaming app.

  4. Pressing “ok” will highlight the streaming service you have chosen. Here is an example with YouTube TV.

  5. Use the “Add Channel” option to add your live TV streaming service app to your Roku library.

    You will see the icon and option to “Add Channel” when you select the streaming service. You can also add channels to Roku from a web browser by visiting the Roku channel store.

  6. Open the live TV streaming service app and follow the prompts to login.

    Login to the streaming service app on Roku.

  7. Find the channel the Cowboys game is on

    We list the channel, start time, and streaming options in our Cowboys viewing guide. It will usually be FOX.

  8. Make sure you are in the viewing territory for this Cowboys game.

    Use a site like 506 Sports to confirm you are in the viewing territory for this game. This step doesn’t apply if the Cowboys are playing on Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or Thursday Night Football, as these are national TV games. If you aren’t in the viewing territory, you can watch the game by adding NFL Sunday Ticket.TV to a DIRECTV STREAM subscription.

  9. Watch the game

    If you are in-market for the game, or if the game is on national TV, finding the channel the game is on on your live TV streaming service is all you need to do to start live streaming the game! Finding the channel lineup is easy and intuitive on most streaming services, with fuboTV being the easiest to navigate in our opinion.

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