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Hulu Packages for Sports Fans

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Which Hulu streaming packages offer live sports, and which is best for watching your favorite team? Read on to find out.

Hulu + Live TV sports programming

Navigating Hulu’s pricing tiers, with all of their bundles and add-ons can be confusing. My goal here is to offer clarity so sports fans know which Hulu package is best for following their local team.

Hulu’s offerings can be divided into two basic buckets – on-demand streaming and live TV streaming (which includes the on-demand library).

If you want to watch sports, signing up for Hulu + Live TV is the way to go.

Hulu + Live TV Basics

Hulu is to be commended for including most of their sports channel lineup in the base plan. From a sports perspective, this means Hulu + Live TV offers two basic plans: The base plan and Sports Add-On.

Hulu on-demand vs. Hulu + Live TV

Hulu on-demand, with ad supported packages starting at just $7.99 per month, is an affordable way to access a large selection of on-demand movies and TV shows.

Unfortunately, many sports fans believe they are getting access to Hulu’s live TV platform, and live sporting events, when they sign up for basic Hulu, but this isn’t the case. To watch sports on Hulu, you need Hulu + Live TV.

Hulu + Live TV is Disney’s live TV streaming service that comes standard with ESPN+ and Disney+ in one “bundle.” Hulu + Live TV starts at $74.99 per month (with ads).

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