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How to Watch NBA Games Out-of-Market

If you don’t live in the same market as your favorite NBA team, you’re considered an “out-of-market” fan. Out-of-market NBA fans can follow their team’s regular season on NBA League Pass instead of watching on a local regional sports network.

There are several options for watching NBA League Pass. You can add NBA League Pass à la carte to an Amazon Prime account, or add the package to an existing live TV streaming service, like fuboTV or YouTube TV.


Add NBA League Pass to an existing fuboTV account.

$74.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial

Sling Orange

Add NBA League Pass to an existing Sling TV account.

$35 / month

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YouTube TV

Add NBA League Pass to an existing YouTube TV account.

$72.99 / month

14 Day Free Trial

Why we don’t recommend purchasing NBA League Pass through Amazon

Although you can add an NBA League Pass subscription to your Amazon Prime account, we don’t recommend going this route to watch out-of-market NBA games.


Because Amazon Prime is a “sports dead end.” Yes, you can gain access to NBA League Pass through Amazon Prime, but you won’t be able to watch to the rest of the important NBA channels, including the channels that air national games, and playoffs games, like ABC, ESPN, and TNT.

In order to watch the entire NBA season from one app, we recommend adding NBA League Pass to fuboTV, or another live TV streaming service that features League Pass as a sports add-on.

How much does NBA League Pass cost?

If you want to follow just one NBA Team, at $119.99 per season, NBA Team Pass is the best option.

At $139.99 per season, NBA League Pass offers all games and teams, and for $179.99, the NBA’s Premium package gets rid of commercials for all the NBA action you want to watch.

Which streaming services carry NBA League Pass?

At present, you can add NBA League Pass to these streaming services:

How to add NBA League Pass to DIRECTV STREAM

Setting up the NBA League Pass on an existing DIRECTV STREAM account is easy but different from other services. Follow along as we walk you through the process so you can start watching your favorite out-of-market NBA games and keeping track of all the action immediately.

Time needed: 15 minutes

Adding NBA League Pass to DIRECTV STREAM

  1. Log into NBA.com

    Unlike other providers, you will first access NBA.com before adding NBA League Pass; DIRECTV STREAM requires you to log in on NBA.com. The “Sign In” box is on the top-right of the screen. Once the website is open, you will find an option on the home page for adding NBA League Pass. Simply select this option, and you will be redirected to a new page to finalize the process.

  2. Adding NBA League Pass to DIRECTV STREAM on NBA.com

    Once you have selected the NBA League Pass option on NBA.com, you will be prompted to select your television service provider. You will select DIRECTV STREAM from the list of available options. Finally, enter your login credentials and your DIRECTV STREAM password to continue. A few confirmation steps later, and you are all set to start watching NBA League Pass on DIRECTV STREAM. 

NBA League Pass blackout rules

Be aware that NBA League Pass is subject to blackout restrictions. Your local NBA team will be blacked out on NBA League Pass to enforce regional TV contracts.

For example, if you live in Denver, you can’t watch the Nuggets on NBA League Pass. Nuggets regular season games in the Denver area, and across much of the Mountain West, air on Altitude Sports. When you add NBA League Pass in Denver, you can’t watch the Nuggets as an in-market fan, but you can watch the Knicks or Lakers.

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