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How to Add NBA League Pass to fuboTV

Written by Derek Fleming

You can watch out-of-market NBA games live from the fuboTV app by adding NBA League Pass. Here is how to get started.

If you are a diehard NBA fan but can’t catch your favorite teams on live TV because you moved away from home, adding NBA League Pass to fuboTV will give you access to more games, more content, and more ways to keep up with your favorite NBA stars and teams. 

fuboTV is the only sports-focused streaming service, and adding NBA League Pass is simple. This article will walk you through adding an NBA League Pass to your existing fuboTV account. NBA League Pass is available on all four plans offered by FuboTV, giving you easy access to hundreds of out-of-market regular season and playoff games. 

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to add NBA League Pass to a fuboTV account

  1. login to fuboTV

    You can log into your account on a compatible tablet, smartphone, Chromebook, laptop, or PC, or you can log in on your compatible TV. FuboTV is also available using a Chromecast dongle or through an Xbox. Select “Sign In” on the top right and follow the prompts to enter your email and password.

  2. Find the manage add-ons menu option

    To add NBA League Pass to your FuboTV subscription, simply select the “Manage Add-Ons” drop-down. This will open a box that provides various options for adding channels to your existing subscription. Select the NBA League Pass option. 

    Another simple way for customers to add NBA League Pass can be done when initializing a new account. fuboTV will provide an option to add additional channels while you go through the process of initializing your subscription, with a prompt for adding NBA League Pass.  Add NBA League pass to fuboTV

  3. Finalize and start watching

    Once you have added the NBA League Pass, fuboTV will walk you through the finalization steps. Once complete, you are able to begin watching your favorite out-of-market NBA games instantly with the NBA League Pass on fuboTV.
    It's easy to add NBA League Pass to fuboTV


Adding NBA League Pass to your fuboTV account is an easy way to watch games that are not in your home market. In addition to NBA games through the fuboTV app, you’ll find tons of MLB, NFL, MLS, and College sports live and full replays of games. 

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