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How to Watch NHL Games Out-of-Market

Written by Derek Fleming

The NHL’s old out-of-market TV package, NHL.TV, has been rolled into ESPN+, which is now the home of all out-of-market NHL broadcasts. Here is everything you need to know about watching your favorite NHL team if you’ve moved away from home.


Watch 1,000 out-of-market NHL games, plus 75 exclusive games, each season.

$9.99 / month

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Hulu + Live TV

Watch out-of-market hockey on ESPN+, as well as ABC, ESPN, TNT, and TBS.

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If you’re out of market, meaning you no longer live close to your favorite team, with the rollout of a new 7 year contract between the NHL and ESPN, the best, and only, choice for streaming NHL games is now very clear, it’s ESPN+.

ESPN+ streams more than 1,000 out of market NHL games on ESPN+, as well as 75 exclusive games each season.

Add FuboTV to avoid ESPN+ NHL blackouts

One drawback with ESPN+ for out-of-market NHL streaming is the possibility of blackouts.

When a hockey game appears on the NHL Network, which happens 75 times per season, it will be blacked out on ESPN+.

This means that to access the games that are blacked out, hard core fans will have to turn to another live TV streaming provider that carries NHL Network, like Fubo TV, if they want to watch the game live (all blacked out games will be available on replay 24 hours after airing).

How can I watch NHL games out-of-market in Canada?

Important note: NHL Live has been retired for the 2022-23 season for fans in Canada.

Just as NHL.TV has been folded in to the ESPN Plus platform for out-of-market NHL fans in the U.S., NHL Live is now part of Sportsnet NOW for hockey fans in Canada. If you want to watch out-of-market NHL games in Canada for the 2022-23 season, the only way to get the live stream is with Sportsnet NOW Premium.

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