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How to Watch the Colorado Avalanche Live Without Cable

Written by Derek Fleming

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Fubo and DIRECTV STREAM both carry Altitude Sports for streaming Avalanche hockey in the Denver area.

Table of Contents
  1. Today’s game
  2. Important channels
  3. In-market options
  4. How to watch the Avalanche out-of-market
  5. Watching the Avalanche FAQ
  6. More NHL Teams

If you live in Colorado or the Mountain West, the only way to live stream Colorado Avalanche games in-market on Altitude Sports is with DIRECTV STREAM’s “Choice” plan or on Fubo.

DIRECTV STREAM also carries KCNC-TV CBS 4 Denver for watching the Broncos, as well as other NFL matchups. Out-of-market Avalanche fans can watch most of the regular season on ESPN+.


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Watch the Avalanche out-of-market.

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Today’s game

Our software lists the upcoming TV schedule with streaming options below.

FuboDIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceHulu + Live TVSling TV Blue + Sports ExtraYouTube TV
Colorado Avalanche vs Dallas StarsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Dallas Stars vs Colorado AvalancheDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Colorado Avalanche vs Utah Hockey ClubDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Colorado Avalanche vs Vegas Golden KnightsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Vegas Golden Knights vs Colorado AvalancheDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
All times are ET

Important channels

As recent Stanley Cup Champions, the Avalanche will appear more often in the NHL’s nationally televised games on ABC, ESPN, and TNT. However, the majority of the Avalanche regular season will be broadcast regionally on Altitude Sports. Out-of-market Avalanche broadcasts, as well as a handful of streaming exclusive NHL games, will air on ESPN+.

DIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceDIRECTV STREAMFuboHulu + Live TVSling Orange & BlueYouTube TV
NHL Network NHL Network
Altitude Sports Altitude Sports

In-market options

DIRECTV STREAM’s “Choice”plan is the only live TV streaming service that carries Altitude Sports, the regional sports network that airs Avalanche and Nuggets games to local fans in Denver and the Mountain West region.

As an added bonus, DIRECTV STREAM “Choice” comes with AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain for watching the Rockies, Jazz, and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

The biggest downside of DIRECTV STREAM “Choice” for Colorado sports fans is the lack of the PAC-12 Network, which means you can’t watch every Colorado Buffaloes football game on the platform.

Fubo is another in-market option for streaming Avalanche games, however, the platform lacks TNT which means several big national games will be missing each season.

How to watch the Avalanche out-of-market

If you are an Avalanche fan who has moved away from home and wants to watch the team from outside the Mountain West, ESPN+ is the answer you’ve been looking for.

You can live stream most Avalanche games out-of-market with ESPN Plus. ESPN+ features over 1,000 out-of-market NHL games every season, and offers hockey fans the option of choosing the home or away commentary, which means Avalanche fans can feel right at home even as they watch their team from afar.

Note that if you live in the Denver area, the out-of-market ESPN+ broadcast will be blacked out to protect the Altitude Sports TV rights.

Watching the Avalanche FAQ

Can I watch the Avalanche on Hulu?

Hulu + Live TV does not carry Altitude Sports, so if you live in-market for Avalanche games you can’t watch most of the regular season on Hulu. The exception to this rule are the nationally televised NHL games. Hulu + Live TV carries ABC, ESPN, and TNT, which means you can watch the Avalanche when they appear in marquee games on these channels, as well as the playoffs. Hulu + Live TV’s ESPN+ bundle also offers NHL fans over 1,000 out-of-market NHL games each season, so if you are an Avalanche fan who has moved to LA for example, you can watch the entire season on Hulu.

Can I watch the Avalanche on Amazon Prime?

No, you can’t watch the Avalanche on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime, somewhat famously, has a TV deal with the NFL to carry Thursday Night Football exclusively on Prime, but at present, Amazon does not have a TV deal with the NHL.

Can I watch the Avalanche on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain?

No, you can’t watch the Avalanche on AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain. AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain carries Rockies, Jazz, and Golden Knights games for fans in the Mountain West, but not Avalanche games. The Avalanche and Nuggets regular season airs on Altitude Sports.

Can I watch the Avalanche on Roku?

Yes, you can watch the Avalanche live stream on most Roku devices with DIRECTV STREAM. To watch the Avalanche on Roku, go to your Roku TV and grab the remote. Press the Home button on your Roku remote. Look for “streaming channels” on the home screen and find DIRECTV STREAM. This option will help you search for, and find, the DIRECTV STREAM app. Press “ok” when you have found DIRECTV STREAM.

Use the “Add Channel” option to add your live TV streaming service app to your Roku library. You will see the icon and option to “Add Channel” when you select the streaming service. You can also add channels to Roku from a web browser by visiting the Roku channel store.

More NHL Teams

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