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How to Watch NBC Sports Boston Live Without Cable

Sports fans in New England can watch NBC Sports Boston with DIRECTV STREAM “Choice,” Fubo, Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV.

Table of Contents
  1. Which Boston teams play on NBC Sports Boston?
  2. Which markets get NBC Sports Boston?
  3. Which live TV streaming providers carry NBC Sports Boston?
  4. Which live TV streaming provider is best for Boston sports?
  5. Streaming NBC Sports Boston FAQ

Although several live TV streaming services carry NBC Sports Boston, our top pick for Boston sports fans in DIRECTV STREAM “Choice.” DTV “Choice” is the only live TV streaming service that offers NBC Sports Boston and NESN, for watching the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox, from the same platform.


Watch NBC Sports Boston, NESN, ESPN, TBS, and more.

$99.99 / month

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$74.99 / month

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$69.99 / month

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Which Boston teams play on NBC Sports Boston?

The media giant NBC Universal owns many regional sports networks (RSN) in major markets like Boston. The local Boston RSN, called NBC Sports Boston, broadcasts Bruins hockey, Celtics basketball, and coverage (not actual games) of New England Patriots football. Note that Red Sox Baseball is covered by NESN, not NBC Sports Boston.

Which markets get NBC Sports Boston?

Although the channel is Boston specific by name, NBC Sports Boston enjoys a large reach across the northeast. In addition to the Boston metropolitan area, sports fans in these markets can get NBC Sports Boston programming:

  • Massachusetts
  • Northern CT
  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island

Which live TV streaming providers carry NBC Sports Boston?

Boston sports fans are lucky. Unlike some RSNs which are only picked up by DirecTV Stream, there are 4 options for streaming NBC Sports Boston. Let’s break down the cost to subscribe to a live TV streaming provider that carries NBC Sports Boston, as well as the latest free trials.

DIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceESPN PlusFuboHulu + Live TVParamount+Sling BlueYouTube TV
NBC Sports Boston NBC Sports Boston

Which live TV streaming provider is best for Boston sports?


Although the service carries NBC Sports Boston, it is hard to recommend DirecTV Stream “Choice” here. It is the most expensive option on the list, carries much less DVR storage than competitors, and lags based on features and interface.

Read our DirecTV Stream review.


While you do have 4 good choices for streaming NBC Sports Boston, we are fans of fuboTV based on cost (it’s a major savings over DirecTV Stream Choice), and how attractive the platform is for NFL fans. In part because it carries WBZ-TV, Boston CBS, we rated fuboTV as one of the best options for Patriots fans. Having said that, every option listed here will get you access to NBC Sports Boston in-market.

Read our fuboTV review for a complete breakdown.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is a fun option for sports fans, and it carries NBC Sports Boston, as well as WBZ-TV, Boston CBS for Pats action. The Hulu integration with ESPN+ is seamless, and gives fans access to out-of-market MLB, as well as NHL action, plus UFC events.

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great option for Boston sports. The platform has an extensive 4K add-on and has innovated with many sports specific viewing features. You can get NBC Sports Boston in the base package.

YouTube TV review.

Streaming NBC Sports Boston FAQ

Can I watch the Patriots on NBC Sports Boston?

No, NBC Sports Boston does not carry Pats games. The channel does feature NFL commentary, but NBC Sports Boston does not have the TV rights to broadcast actual Patriots games.

Why is NBC Sports Boston blacked out?

Be aware that you can’t get every single Bruins or Celtics game on NBC Sports Boston. Why? TV contracts signed by major sports leagues often give exclusive broadcast rights for certain games to major media conglomerates.

As a general rule, many nationally televised games for MLB, NBA, and NHL will be blacked out on NBC Sports Boston when Boston teams appear in these games. For example, when the Red Sox play on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, ESPN has the exclusive right to broadcast the game, and NBC Sports Boston is blacked out.

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