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Big 10 Football on Peacock: What You Need to Know

Written by Derek Fleming

As part of the Big Ten’s new TV deal with NBC which runs through 2029-30, Peacock will feature 8 streaming exclusive games every season that will only be available on the app. Here is what you need to know about the new era of streaming exclusive college football games.

Big 10 TV deal football
Table of Contents
  1. Streaming exclusive
  2. Simulcast
  3. Peacock “Streaming Exclusive” Big Ten Football Games
  4. How will fans react to the Peacock exclusive games?

The Big Ten is breaking in a new TV deal this year. It was widely reported that NBC purchased the rights to a primetime Big Ten Football game that will be branded Big Ten Saturday Night. The fact that NBC also negotiated 8 “streaming exclusive” games on Peacock flew under the radar, but come fall, the arrangement will be front and center for frustrated fan bases who find their team’s game blacked out on Saturday.


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8 Big Ten football games, and a larger lineup of men’s and women’s basketball, will now be available only on Peacock.

As outraged as many Big Ten Football fans will be this season when they learn they can’t watch their favorite team on television, the streaming exclusive model for live sports is not new. MLB was the catalyst for these types of games after Apple and Peacock both purchased the rights to a handful of regular-season baseball games. Similarly, Amazon features 18 Yankee regular season games on Prime, and also purchased the rights to Thursday Night Football.

the two types of peacock big ten games explained

There are two types of Big Ten Football games that will air on Peacock this season, the “streaming exclusive,” and the “simulcast.”

Streaming exclusive

  • 8 Big Ten Football games that will air only on the Peacock app
  • All regular channels will be blacked out
  • Must pay for Peacock to watch the game
  • NBC affiliates will not carry the games


  • Prime time games featured on NBC’s new Big Ten Saturday Night series
  • Big 10 football games that air on NBC’s Big Ten Saturday Night will also stream on Peacock
  • These games are not exclusive to Peacock, Peacock will feature the simulcast

Peacock “Streaming Exclusive” Big Ten Football Games

In the list below, we maintain a current lineup of the Peacock exclusive Big Ten football games for 2023. New games are still being announced and this list will be regularly updated.

Unlike the simulcast games that will air on local NBC affiliates nationwide, the only way to watch these games is on Peacock.

  • Michigan vs. ECU on 9/2/23 (Peacock only)
  • Deleware at PSU on 9/9/23 (Peacock only)
  • Washington at MSU on 9/16/23 (Peacock only)

How will fans react to the Peacock exclusive games?

If MLB is any precedent, not well. Yankee fans, in particular, have been very upset about the streaming exclusive genre of games.

Put simply, fans hate them.

I wrote a piece for the blog predicting that the streaming exclusive angle, which is designed to drive signups to the Peacock app, could backfire on NBC when diehard fans realize their game isn’t on TV.

Peacock is taking a bold approach with these games. Not only is the Michigan season opener on Peacock, the Michigan State vs. UW game is only available on Peacock. That is a very big game to hide behind the Peacock paywall!

As with Michigan fans, I predict Spartan fans will be seeing red when they find out such a big matchup isn’t on TV.

Does the Peacock streaming exclusive model apply to Notre Dame football?

No, the Peacock streaming exclusive college football games will only apply to the Big Ten. Although Notre Dame home football games do simulcast on Peacock, they are also available on NBC affiliates nationwide.

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