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How to Watch the Philadelphia Phillies Live Without Cable in 2023

Written by John O'Connor

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The ability to watch the Phillies is influenced by location. In Philadelphia, and surrounding areas, MLB fans can watch the team live on NBC Sports Philadelphia with fuboTV, Hulu, or YouTube TV. Out-of-market fans can follow the team on MLB.TV.

How to watch the Phillies live online
Table of Contents
  1. The most important channels for Phillies fans
  2. The best options for local Phillies fans
  3. If you don’t live in Philadelphia
  4. How to watch the Phillies on national TV
  5. More MLB Teams

For the baseball fans who can’t make it to Citizens Bank Park to watch a Phillies game in person this season, this viewing guide will walk you through the best, and cheapest, options for watching the Phillies live without cable. Our top pick, fuboTV carries NBC Sports Philadelphia, plus WTXF-TV FOX 29 Philly for watching the Eagles on Sundays.


Watch NBC Sports Philly, ABC, ESPN, plus WTXF-TV FOX 29 Philadelphia.

$74.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial

$69.99 / month

Sign Up for Hulu

$72.99 / month

14 Day Free Trial

$24.99 / month

Sign Up for MLB.TV

The most important channels for Phillies fans

For in-market Phillies fans, the most important channel to have access to is NBC Sports Philadelphia, the regional sports network that carries most Phillies games. The good news for Phillies fans is there are several streaming services that carry NBC Sports Philly.

When the Phillies are on national TV, it will usually be on ESPN, FS1, TBS, FOX, or MLB Network, although Apple TV+ and Peacock have negotiated the rights to each stream a handful of exclusive MLB regular season games each year. When the Phillies are featured on a national broadcast, NBC Sports Philadelphia will be blacked out to protect TV contracts.

FuboDIRECTV STREAMHulu + Live TVOrange & Blue Sports ExtraYouTube TV
MLB Network MLB Network
NBC Sports Philadelphia NBC Sports Philadelphia
NBC Sports Philadelphia+ NBC Sports Philadelphia+

Streaming WTXF-TV, FOX 29 Philly

All of our top picks for live streaming Phillies baseball also carry FOX 29 Philadelphia, which is the station that will broadcast most Eagles NFL games during the regular season.

The best options for local Phillies fans


Although they raised prices recently, we recommend fuboTV here because they not only offer NBC Sports Philadelphia for watching the Phillies, but they are our top pick for the Philadelphia Eagles as well.

fuboTV allows subscribers to use DVR storage to automatically record a team’s entire season, which is a great feature for sports like MLB, which have over 100 regular season games.

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Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is another excellent option for watching the Phillies. Not only does the platform carry NBC Sports Philadelphia, viewers can also watch ESPN+ programming with the ESPN+ bundle.

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YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another good option for streaming Phillies games. The Alphabet owned service offers unlimited DVR storage and a best in class 4K package.

For more, read our YouTube TV sports review.

If you don’t live in Philadelphia

If you don’t live in eastern Pennsylvania, southern NJ, or Delaware, you are an out-of-market Phillies fan and will need an MLB.TV subscription if you want to watch every game.

MLB.TV – watch every game

MLB.TV is the premium out-of-market option for MLB fans. With MLB.TV fans can circumvent the regional broadcast rules and watch any game they like, including Phillies games. If you want to follow just one team all summer, the rate drops to a one time annual fee of $109.99.

ESPN+ – watch sometimes

ESPN+ features one out-of-market MLB game every day during the regular season. This is a fun feature for baseball fans who want to see a wide array of teams, although it’s not possible to follow one team all season using ESPN+.

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How to watch the Phillies on national TV

When the Phillies appear on baseball’s biggest stages, NBC Sports Philadelphia may be blacked out. When that happens, here is how to watch the Phillies on national TV.

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