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How to Watch the Kansas City Royals Live Without Cable

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Watch Royals baseball live without cable on Bally Sports Kansas City.

How to watch Royals baseball live online
Table of Contents
  1. Today’s game
  2. Important channels
  3. For local Royals fans
  4. Outside Kansas City
  5. National TV
  6. More MLB Teams

Our top pick for live streaming the Royals, DIRECTV STREAM, is the only live TV streaming service that pairs Bally Sports Kansas City, the Royals regional sports network, with unlimited DVR. DTV STREAM also broadcasts KCTV CBS 5 Kansas City for watching the Chiefs on Sundays.


Watch Bally Sports Kansas City plus KCTV CBS 5 in Kansas City, ESPN, FOX, FS1, and more.

$99.99 / month

5 Day Free Trial


All the channels MLLB fans need top watch Royals baseball except TBS.

$74.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial


For out-of-market Royals fans.

$24.99 / month

Signup for MLB.TV on ESPN+

Today’s game

Our software lists the upcoming TV schedule with streaming options below.

FuboDIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceHulu + Live TVOrange & Blue Sports ExtraYouTube TV
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Kansas City RoyalsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Kansas City RoyalsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Oakland Athletics vs Kansas City RoyalsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Oakland Athletics vs Kansas City RoyalsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
Oakland Athletics vs Kansas City RoyalsDecember 31, 7:33 pmTBD
All times are ET

Important channels

The vast majority of the Royals regular season is carried by Bally Sports Kansas City. As you can see from the table below, DirecTV Stream “Choice” is currently the only live TV streaming service that carries Bally Sports Kansas City.

When the Royals are on national TV, Kansas City fans will also want access to ESPN, FS1, TBS, FOX, and possibly Apple TV+ and Peacock for games that appear about 36 times a season exclusively on those streaming services.

DIRECTV STREAM – ChoiceESPN PlusFuboHulu + Live TVParamount+Sling BlueSling TV Blue + Sports ExtraYouTube TV
MLB Network MLB Network
Bally Sports Kansas City Bally Sports Kansas City

royals fans: did you know?

And for some Royals trivia, did you know that the Chiefs star QB, Patrick Mahomes, is a minority owner in the Royals franchise? True story.

For local Royals fans

As we’ve established, DirecTV Stream is the only option for streaming Bally Sports Kansas City. This gives KC fans access to most regular season Royals action. Unfortunately, while Bally Sports Kansas City does offer Chiefs commentary throughout the season, you can’t watch actual Chiefs games on Bally Sports KC.

However, DirecTV Stream carries the channels you need to watch NFL action, including KCTV, Kansas City CBS 5. Most of the Chief’s regular season games will be on KCTV.

Not only does Fubo carry Bally Sports KC for watching the Royals, the app includes the channels college football fans need to watch Kansas and Kansas State football and basketball.

Outside Kansas City

Bally Sports KC has a limited territorial reach, only showing in Kansas and Kansas City. Outside of this area, MLB.TV will be a must-have to follow the Royals.

MLB.TV is the premium out-of-market option for MLB fans. With MLB.TV fans can circumvent the regional broadcast rules and watch any game they like, including Royals games. If you want to follow just one team all summer, the rate drops to a one time annual fee of $109.99.

National TV

Although they are a popular regional team with a loyal following, the Royals aren’t on national TV as much as some teams, like the Yankees for example. However, when they are on national TV, this guide will tell you how to watch.

More MLB Teams

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