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Why Your fuboTV Bill Went Up (And Why it Might Not Last)

Written by Derek Fleming

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fuboTV subscribers might be surprised to see their monthly subscription fee substantially increase this year. Subscribers now pay an additional monthly fee for regional sports networks that were previously free on Pro and higher plans. The sports-centric live TV streaming service also increased the monthly base rate by $5 across the board for all subscribers.

The cost to subscribe to fuboTV has gone up in several markets across the country based on regional sports fees, plus the base price went up everywhere.
How does the new fuboTV regional sports fee work?

fuboTV users are charged a fee based on how many regional sports networks (RSNs) have rights in their market. There is no opt-out option for subscribers receiving the regional sports fee. Subscribers eligible to watch one RSN will see an increase of $10.99, while subscribers eligible to watch two or more RSNs will pay an additional $13.99 monthly. 

fuboTV explains the increase is due to adding channels

On a statement on the company website fuboTV explained that the monthly increase in the base rate of plans results from the company adding more than 70 channels in the past year, with more on the way. This raises the rate of the Pro plan from $69.99 to $74.99 before the addition of the RSN fee. Elite plans now cost $84.99, and the company’s Ultimate plan runs $94.99. Among the notable channels added were the Bally Sports RSNs, although their addition comes at a troubled time for the regional sports network business as Diamond Sports Group is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Some markets will go up more than others

The regional sports network fee is charged to subscribers based on the number of networks included in the subscription in your region. Many subscribers will see a fee of $13.99 added to their monthly bill, while a few viewers will pay an additional $10.99. There is no way to change a subscription package or plan to avoid paying the fee. For example, fuboTV subscribers in Chicago, who have access to NBC Sports Chicago and Marquee Sports Network on fuboTV, will see an increase of $18.99 per month ($5 for the base fee, plus the additional $13.99 per month RSN fee). The same increase will apply in Boston where fuboTV subscribers can access both NESN and NBC Sports Boston.

Subscribers can determine whether they are subject to the higher fee using FuboTV’s Virtual Assistant.

Subscribers who signed up through a Ruko device will pay a $14.00 RSN fee regardless of the number of sports networks. 

The fuboTV regional sports fees may be going back down in some markets

With Diamond Sports on the verge of bankruptcy, and Warner Bros. Discovery announcing the closure of AT&T Sportsnet RSNs, The RSN business is in serious jeopardy. Sports fans in markets like Denver, Houston, and Pittsburgh will presumably be seeing a decrease on their fuboTV bill soon as some of their local RSNs shut down.

FuboTV recently released fourth-quarter earnings from 2022, revealing higher-than-expected profits but lower-than-expected subscribers and stock value. The streaming service has said they have seen some subscribers cancel their plans after the increase, but the numbers are smaller than expected. 

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