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FOX Sports Southeast Shut Down: What You Need to Know

Written by John O'Connor

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Dear Sports fans in Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, and across the southeast, I have some bad news for you.

FOX Sports Southeast no longer exists. This is most certainly old news, but there are still lots of online searches for FOX Sports Southeast, and some sites still maintain viewing guides titled ‘how to watch FOX Sports Southeast in 2022.”

Let’s set the record straight.

You can’t watch FOX Sports Southeast, and there is no FOX Sports Southeast schedule.

The channel has been sold to Sinclair Broadcasting, and has been rebranded Bally Sports Southeast.

As part of Disney’s acquisition of several 21st Century FOX assets in 2019, FOX was required to sell its library of regional sports networks so Disney, which already owns ESPN, wouldn’t have too much control over the cable sports industry.

The sale of FOX regional sports networks was mandated by the Justice Department for antitrust reasons.

What this means for sports fans in the southeast

As a practical matter, the sale, and rebranding of FOX Sports RSNs to Bally Sports, doesn’t change much for sports fans in the southeast.

The Braves, Hawks, Grizzlies, Hurricanes, and Predators regular season games will still air in-market on Bally Sports Southeast, it’s just that the name of the channel has changed.

Further, the “ACC on RSN” lineups, that so frustrate ACC basketball and football fans, will now air on Bally Sports.

I wrote this blog post to set the record straight because large numbers of fans in the southeast still search for FOX Sports Southeast programming, even though it technically doesn’t exist.

How to watch the old FOX Sports Southeast lineup

The same content that used to air on FOX Sports Southeast now airs on Bally Sports Southeast, with the same regional broadcast rules and restrictions for MLB, NHL, and NBA games.

In-market fans in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee can tune in to Bally Sports South & Southeast programming on either Bally Sports Plus or DIRECTV STREAM “Choice.

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