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How to Watch Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz: Channel, Live-Stream, Start Time

Written by Derek Fleming

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Watch Jake Paul take on Nate Diaz from American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on August 5, 2023 live without cable on DAZN PPV. The fight is exclusively available through DAZN PPV and will not air on any other sports channels.

Watch the Diaz vs. Paul bout live.
Table of Contents
  1. Paul vs. Diaz is available only on DAZN
  2. 6 Reasons to Watch Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz
  3. Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on Fubo?
  4. Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on DIRECTV STREAM?
  5. Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on Sling TV?
  6. Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on Hulu?
  7. Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on YouTube TV?
  8. Get excited for the Diaz vs. Paul

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz will only be available on DAZN PPV, a subscription-based streaming service that offers an extensive lineup of combat sports. Since the fight will not be available to watch any other way, fight fans must sign up for a subscription to DAZN. The DAZN subscription requirement is similar to the way ESPN+ handles UFC PPV events.

This fight has been building for a while, and after the May 10 news conference, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will be ready to rumble on August 5 in Texas.

Former YouTube star-turned-professional fighter Jake Paul was last in the ring in February 2023 in a bout with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia. Paul lost by split decision, his first loss in his pro career. Paul has said that his ultimate goal is to earn a match with the UFC’s Connor McGregor, and Paul believes that a win over Diaz will be all he needs to make the fight happen.

Diaz brings plenty of controversy into the match and has already drawn a warning from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation about his notorious marijuana use. In April 2023, Diaz was filmed choking unconscious a YouTube influencer who impersonates Logan Paul, Jake’s brother. Diaz surrendered to New Orleans Police and faced a charge of second-degree assault. He is due in court in June, but the case is not expected to impact the fight.

Paul vs. Diaz is available only on DAZN

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz is Only Available to DAZN Subscribers on PPV

DAZN is the exclusive rights holder for streaming the Paul v Diaz match, and the fight will only be available through a Pay-per-View purchase. An active subscription to DAZN is required to access DAZN PPV and PPV rates have varied in the past based on the length of time that a subscription has been active.

6 Reasons to Watch Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

Although some MMA commentators believe Paul’s star is diminished after his loss to Tommy Fury, we plan to watch the fight for these reasons: 

  1. Heated press conference. There are several great storylines concerning this match, and the recent press conference shenanigans only made us want this match to happen as soon as possible.
  2. Jake Paul’s Comeback. Paul started out as an amateur fighter and has developed into one of the most highly-paid athletes on the planet. In his last fight, Paul lost a close fight to Tommy Fury by a split decision. We will watch to see if Paul can return to his winning ways or if the loss to Fury was the beginning of the end for the rags-to-riches fighter.
  3. Will legal problems impact Diaz? In Louisiana, a second-degree assault conviction can carry a sentence of up to 10 years in jail and a fine of $2,000. The charge relates specifically to intentional physical harm and includes loss of consciousness by the victim as one of the defining characteristics. Diaz will face a judge in June for a preliminary hearing. Diaz will not likely face a trial until after the fight, but the looming threat of incarceration may be enough to distract Diaz from performing at his best.
  4. Who is Diaz without the UFC? Nate Diaz has been with the UFC for 15 years since getting a shot following The Ultimate Fighter. Before his final UFC fight, Diaz decided he would not renew his contract and would become a free agent for the first time in his career. Now, without the considerable influence of the UFC, what type of fighter will Diaz be? New coaches and responsibilities may motivate Diaz to be a wild man in the ring.
  5. Can Diaz pass a drug test? Diaz is well-known for lighting up marijuana joints at press conferences and is an unabashed marijuana smoker. When informed that Texas has a zero-tolerance policy, Diaz seemed surprised and jokingly suggested moving the fight to California. The state organization that oversees sports has already stated that Diaz will be tested for marijuana before the fight and that he will be in violation of state law if he is unable to pass.
  6. Will a Jake Paul victory motivate UFC to set up Paul v McGregor? Probably the biggest thing about this fight is how well Paul can manage Diaz’s stamina and strength with an eye on an eventual showdown against McGregor. Should Paul win, a match with McGregor could be financially impossible to ignore for Dana White. Then again, a Diaz win might just be the end of the line for Paul.

Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on Fubo?

No, although Jake Paul’s fights that air on Showtime can be accessed with Fubo Elite, Fubo subscribers won’t be able to watch Paul vs. Diaz.

Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on DIRECTV STREAM?

No, DIRECTV STREAM does not carry DAZN. You can’t watch Diaz vs. Paul on DTV STREAM.

Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on Sling TV?

No, Sling TV will not carry the Paul vs. Diaz fight.

Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on Hulu?

No, Hulu + Live TV doesn’t have the necessary channels to watch Paul vs. Diaz.

Can I watch Diaz vs. Paul on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV doesn’t offer DAZN, so you can’t watch Diaz vs. Paul on YouTube TV.

Get excited for the Diaz vs. Paul

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