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How to Stream Super Bowl LVI in a Free Trial

Written by John O'Connor

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Table of Contents
  1. Streaming Super Bowl LVI in a Free Trial on YouTube TV
  2. Streaming Super Bowl LVI in a Free Trial on Fubo TV
  3. Why Sling TV subscribers in Cincinnati are in trouble for Super Bowl LVI
  4. Other options for streaming Super Bowl LVI

Kickoff time: 6:30 EST

Channel: NBC

Location: Sofi Stadium, LA

Weather: Hot, 86 and sunny

Key injuries: Bengals, tight end CJ Uzomah (knee)

Best streaming optionYouTube TV

Runner up: Fubo TV

Get your guacamole ready, the Super Bowl is this Sunday, live from sunny SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 80s, which adds a climate change flavor to the game.

Streaming this year’s Super Bowl is of particular interest to me for two reasons that both relate back to my status as a long suffering Detroit Lions fan.

First, Matthew Stafford, the Rams gunslinger QB once believed to be the savior of Detroit football, and first overall draft pick, who, in his first year away from the NFL’s only truly cursed franchise, will be starting in a Super Bowl his team is the favorite to win. Remarkable.

Next, the Cinderella story of the Cincinnati Bengals, a franchise that has suffered almost on a par with the Detroit Lions, but not nearly to the same extent, and whose very presence gives hope to Lions fans that one day we too will make it to the big dance (flying on pigs all the way to the stadium).

So, yes, little did you know that the 2022 Super Bowl, between the Rams and Bengals, is actually all about the Detroit Lions. Let’s get you the details on the best way to watch the game in a free trial.

This year, NBC has the TV contract to air the Super Bowl, so we will need a live TV streaming service that carries NBC. And since many of you will want to continue streaming sports after the free trial ends, we will give you recommendations that go deeper than just the Super Bowl.

My top pick for streaming this year’s Super Bowl is YouTube TV.

Streaming Super Bowl LVI in a Free Trial on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is currently offering a 2 week free trial and 3 months of discounted service at the rate of $54.99 for the first 3 months after the free trial ends.

If you have an existing Google account, we estimate that you can get from sign-up to streaming in between 5-8 minutes.

The first box we need to check with YouTube TV is – do they carry NBC? Yes, unlike some live TV streaming providers, like Sling TV, who have a limited lineup of local channels, YouTube TV carries them all.

As I’ve outlined in my review of YouTube TV for sports fans, the Alphabet owned streaming service has best in class sports features, including a good sized library of 4K sports options (although this year’s game won’t be broadcast in 4K), and truly revolutionary features for sports fans like Stats View and Key Plays.

Stats View allows sports fans to see stats for teams, or even individual players, in real time as the game is broadcast.

Key Plays is great for the Super Bowl as it allows fans to catch up on a game after they’ve missed some action by reviewing key plays.

It is important to note that you will need to record the game to the Library, which is the YouTube TV DVR, in order to access Key Plays and Stats View features.

YouTube TV briefly dropped ESPN, and other Disney properties like ABC, last year over a contract dispute, but those channels have been added back to the service.

Streaming Super Bowl LVI in a Free Trial on Fubo TV

Fubo TV, like YouTube TV, carries NBC, and is offering free trials to new users, so this is another avenue cord cutters can take to stream Super Bowl LVI for free. Fubo is known as a great streaming option for sports fans and carries most of the major sports channels, including ESPN.

We chose YouTube TV over Fubo as our top pick because of the streaming services best in class sports streaming features, but also because Fubo is only offering a one week free trial.

The incentives offered by YouTube TV right now are extra appealing.

Why Sling TV subscribers in Cincinnati are in trouble for Super Bowl LVI

Sling TV only offers a limited lineup of local channels, and NBC is only available in select markets. Rams fans who use Sling TV will be able to watch the game on the local NBC affiliate.

However, NBC is not available on Sling TV in Cincinnati, which is going to leave some Bengals fans very frustrated this Sunday when they can’t watch the game.

Other options for streaming Super Bowl LVI

In addition to YouTube TV and Fubo TV, these live TV streaming services also carry NBC.

Through its partnership with Disney, Hulu + Live TV seamlessly integrates ESPN+ programming, which is a valuable service for NCAAF, NHL, and UFC fans in particular.

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