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How to Watch Out-Of-Market MLB Games (It's Easy)

You moved away from home, but still want to follow your favorite MLB team. In order to watch most regular season games, you need to signup for MLB.TV, MLB’s out-of-market premium package. Let’s break down the best options for signing up for an MLB.TV account this season.

Table of Contents
  1. MLB.TV is a must
  2. Adding MLB.TV to Fubo
  3. Amazon Prime
  4. MLB Teams

Here are the quickest options.


Add MLB.TV to an ESPN+ account.

$24.99 / month

Signup for MLB.TV on ESPN+


Add MLB.TV to a Fubo account for $24.99 per month.

$74.99 / month

7 Day Free Trial


Watch out-of-market MLB games live online.

$24.99 / month

Sign Up for MLB.TV

MLB.TV is a must

The bulk of MLB regular season games are broadcast regionally on dedicated local sports channels called regional sports networks. For example, most Yankees games air on the YES Network, but the YES Network is only viewable in the NY area. How can you watch the Yankees if you live in Los Angeles, where the Dodgers will be the featured local team?

You buy an MLB.TV subscription.

Every major sports league, including MLB, offers an upgrade for out of town fans. For MLB, that product is MLB.TV, and signing up gives you access to games that would otherwise be blacked out based on regional viewing rules.

The following live TV streaming services carry MLB.TV:

  • Fubo (as an add-on)
  • Amazon Prime (à la carte)
  • ESPN+ (as an add-on)
  • MLB App (à la carte or TV Everywhere)

Don’t Miss Any Games

Adding MLB.TV to Amazon requires toggling back and forth between apps, which is inconvenient, especially for older fans who aren’t as versed in the world of streaming. Fubo, now that the platform offers MLB.TV will be the most convenient option for most fans. In the easy-to-use table below, we list the channels that air national MLB games, and which live TV streaming services carry each one.

FuboYouTube TVHulu + Live TVDIRECTV STREAMSling Orange & Blue
MLB Network MLB Network

Adding MLB.TV to Fubo

MLB fans can add MLB.TV to an existing Fubo account for $24.99 per month. In deciding to add MLB.TV, Fubo has added “baseball insurance” should the Bally Sports RSNs shut down. It is widely anticipated that MLB will push programming to MLB.TV if an RSN loses local rights as Bally Sports is on the verge of doing in some markets where it can’t continue to pay fees as agreed.

Amazon Prime

Most fans who signup for an MLB.TV account are diehard fans. If they weren’t they would wait to watch their team when they appeared in a nationally televised game, or settle for watching the local team.

You can sign up for an MLB.TV account through Amazon Prime and live stream out-of-market baseball games directly on the Amazon app.

Although it is a good solution for watching out-of-market MLB games, the Amazon Prime app is a live sports dead end. Although Amazon has flirted with adding more live sports, there is still a very limited lineup available through the app, which means that MLB fans who sign up for MLB.TV on Amazon will have to toggle back and forth between streaming services to watch their favorite teams. The bottom line is you will have to add another live TV streaming service in order to get full coverage of the MLB season, including national games, the playoffs, and the World Series.

MLB.TV is blacked out for local MLB fans

In order to protect TV contracts with RSNs, MLB.TV only shows out-of-market broadcasts. This means a Yankees fan on Long Island can’t watch the Yankees on MLB.TV, the games will be blacked out on MLB.TV in favor of the YES Network. If that same fans is transferred to Atlanta for work, they would then have the option of streaming the Yankees on MLB.TV as an out-of-market fan.

MLB Teams

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