Why YouTube TV is a Must Have for College Football Fans

Written by John O'Connor

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College football has rolled out new clock rules for this season, with the clock no longer stopping after a first-down. The result is fewer plays, but more ads. Learn why YouTube TV is the antidote to the college football “commercial crush.”

YouTube TV review

To begin for those wondering, yes, YouTube TV carries college football. While the Alphabet owned streaming service has significant holes in coverage for in-market regular season MLB, NHL, and NBA games, it’s college football coverage is bulletproof.

YouTube TV’s college football channel lineup

As you can see from the easy to use channel comparison table below, YouTube TV offers full NCAAF coverage for most major teams, with ESPN+, PAC-12 Network, and Longhorn Network games as the only exceptions. Note that UT football fans can watch Longhorn Network using their YouTube TV credentials on the Watch ESPN app.

YouTube TV
ACC Network ACC Network
ACC Network Extra ACC Network Extra
Big 10 Network Big 10 Network
CBS Sports Network CBS Sports Network
Longhorn Network Longhorn Network
Pac-12 Network Pac-12 Network
SEC Network SEC Network

YouTube TV is built for the new era of college football

Having established that YouTube TV carries virtually every college football game that will be played this season, let’s get into the features that makes the platform best in class.

The new clock rules in college football have been widely criticized by fans and coaches alike. While keeping the clock running after a first down (aside from the last two minutes of a half) does shorten the action on the field, the TV networks have not shortened the actual games. Instead, they have filled the additional time slots with more ads, a move that has frustrated and saddened fans. As a diehard college football fan, I really dislike the new clock rules and hope they are reversed. UCLA head coach, Chip Kelly, was one of several coaches to speak out against the new clock rules.

For fans like me who don’t want to sit through the mind numbing commercial breaks every Saturday, YouTube TV has two solutions: Key Plays and unlimited DVR. With the “Library” feature, which is the name for YouTube TV’s cloud DVR, college football fans can record their favorite team and watch the game later. When a game is recorded to the Library, it is possible to fast forward through commercials. The downside of this approach is you can’t watch live.

The YouTube TV Key Plays feature allows fans to catch up on a game by viewing all of the Key Plays, both for the game, as well as for individual players. This feature can be used live, and is useful in several scenarios, including shortening the first half of a game before committing to the commercials in the second half, or re-watching important plays while commercials air.

YouTube TV’s Multiview feature

Another advantage of YouTube TV for watching college football is the Multiview feature, which allows fans to watch several games at once. Unlike Fubo, which limits its Multiview feature to Apple TV users, YouTube TV Multiview is more widely supported on most Smart TVs. In the new era of commercial heavy college football, access to a Multiview feature is critical. While your game is in a commercial break, which it will be often, you can check in on another matchup.

Can I watch college football in 4K on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV carries college football games in 4K through their 4K plus add-on. The major differentiator between YouTube TV’s 4K college football coverage, and Fubo Elite, which also carries college football in 4K, is ESPN. YouTube TV carries select ESPN, FOX, and NBC programming in 4K, while Fubo Elite only offers FOX and NBC.

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