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How to Watch UFC Events on a MacBook or Laptop

Written by John O'Connor

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In a previous post, I covered the best way to watch UFC fights, both PPV and Fight Nights, on an iPhone or iPad. In this post, I am going to offer a simple step by step for watching the UFC on a MacBook or laptop. Note that I prefer to use a web browser for watching sports on a MacBook or laptop rather than downloading yet another app.

Why not just put the fights on the “Big Screen?”

Some of us live in families that don’t love having fights on, or we may be traveling for work. And there is also a growing number of people, especially younger people, who don’t own a TV at all. With that said, let’s walk through the process of streaming the UFC to your laptop.

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#1. Open Your Favorite Web Browser

I usually choose Chrome, or Safari, but other popular web browsers work as well.

#2. Go to ESPN.com

Visit ESPN.com, and create an account.

#3. Subscribe to ESPN Plus

Create an ESPN account and then subscribe to ESPN Plus for $9.99 per month. ESPN Plus can be found at the top of ESPN navigation, to thr right of your screen in a black bar. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to subscribe to ESPN Plus to watch 99% of live UFC events, both Fight Nights and “numbered” events, as well as Dana White’s Contender Series and The Ultimate Fighter.

#4. Select Your Broadcast

For some fights, you may want to save money and just stream the early prelims or prelims. These fights are often just as exciting as the main card and can be streamed free with an ESPN Plus subscription. For the main card, an extra PPV fee, usually $69.99 is required.

Why I prefer a web browser to stream UFC on a MacBook or Laptop

I prefer this browser streaming approach for UFC events because I can easily tab over to Twitter to get real time reactions on the fights, which have become a staple of UFC events. The broadcast often includes many of these tweet reactions at the bottom left hand corner of the screen as the fight unfolds, but during breaks, I like to see what the UFC community is saying about the fights more comprehensively.

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