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Help! Hulu Ate My UFC PPV Order

Written by John O'Connor

Published on

Hulu’s app has been eating (and disappearing) UFC PPV purchases, and I have had enough. Time to cancel Hulu.

Hulu sports review

The sole reason I had been a Hulu subscriber was the ability to seamlessly order UFC PPV direct from the Hulu app with the ESPN+ bundle, and watch college football on the same app.

As buggy as the experience of ordering UFC PPV on the ESPN app is, it is more reliable than on Hulu. I bought UFC 291 with my Hulu account, and the event disappeared.

The UFC PPV cost was $79.99 and it was not available under the “My Stuff” tab as it was supposed to be. The purchase went through on my card, but then just disappeared, poof.

Despite the fact that I was paying for the ESPN+ bundle with the same email address as for my Hulu account, the purchase didn’t register on my ESPN+ account either, I had to buy it again, which is outrageous.

Hulu has zero customer support and the process of even attempting a refund was so daunting that I have cancelled my account.

This Reddit thread is full of UFC fans who had the same issue buying UFC 291 with Hulu.

I’m trying to watch UFC 291 with my family and I have the Disney+ Hulu bundle, after I purchased the PPV it said to navigate to my stuff and it’s available under purchases. However I don’t have a purchases tab under my stuff?? any ideas?

Reddit user

With Hulu’s ESPN+ integration having so many issues, there is very little reason to use Hulu over YouTube TV and Fubo.

I reached out to Hulu Support

I reached out to Hulu support on Twitter and will update this post when they get back to me:

Hulu Support claims to have fixed the issue

However, they would not commit to refunds

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